Zack vs. iPhone 14

He visited Zack Nelson the iPhone 14 equipped with a 6.1″ panel and Apple 15 Bionic chip in its workshop, and it’s as if nothing has changed a year ago: not only the chip, but also the appearance. However, the channel known for its disassembly and torture tests notes: in the case of basic models, now not only the front but also the back tempered glass is relatively easy to remove without any serious installation, and the official service fee in the case of break-in replacement instead of the $500 check for the Pro model (we call it break-in theft) is “only” $170, who doesn’t ring AppleCare+ understood.

However, Mr. Nelson is not done with the disassembly yet, but he scratched the front glass with the fancy name Ceramic Shield, and the chisel with a hardness of six on the Mohs scale barely left a mark on it, only the deeper one scratched at seven. The secret of this is that supplier Corning mixes ceramic nanocrystals into the glass, and this ensures the smooth operation of the True Depth camera system and Face ID over time. The advantage of iPhones is the flat, solid side frame, which means a stronger frame and a slightly lower chance of the glass panes breaking in the event of a drop compared to curved counterparts. This shape is especially good for smaller models, but it makes the use of larger models more difficult and they are also more uncomfortable to carry.

The sapphire crystal lens protection glass is scratched like a regular one (source: Zack Nelson) [+]

The lens protection with the fanciful name of sapphire crystal scratches just as much on the back as the usual tempered glass sheet (hardness 6 chisel) – so much better than real sapphire glass (that 8 should leave a mark first), but also somewhat more spectacularly than the front panel. It would therefore be timely not only to abandon the mention of the sapphire crystal, but it would be even better to switch to a Ceramic Shield component. I have no idea why the lighter flame experiment is still part of the tests, in any case, the iPhone 14 starts to turn off the heated AMOLED pixels after 20 seconds, which don’t even turn back on after further heating, so as a firefighter it’s still not worth playing Candy Crush Saga while working, summer 40 however, this should not be a problem. In the end, the aluminum frame is really very massive and strong: Zack can hardly put even a small curve in it during the bending test, and there are no uncertainties around the antenna bands.

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