Zack Snyder promises a director’s cut of ‘Rebel Moon’ months after its release

Director’s cuts are the specialty of zack snyder. The filmmaker is used to launching one for practically every film, the one he launched being especially famous. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and acquiring the category of event all that matter of the Snyder Cut. That it was still the definitive director’s cut: Zack Snyder’s Justice League benefited from a million-dollar investment and arrived to correct what he had done Joss Whedon once stood in for Snyder during the hellish filming of League of Justice.

These montages always come after the series has been released, theoretically because the director has not been able to include everything he wanted in the main montage. Snyder is about to change this (logical) habit with rebel moon: a space opera divided into two films that arises from the refusal that he obtained in his day to direct a delivery of Star Wars. Netflix has financed the invention, so that the first part of rebel moon (the fire girl) arrive this December 22th, and the second (The warrior who leaves marks) do the same April 19th.

Knowing Netflix, it is likely that no one has prevented Snyder’s work from lasting as long as he wants (that is why it is so long that it is going to be divided in two, it is understood), but still rebel moon It’s going to have a director’s cut, and it hasn’t even been released yet. Via SlashFilmSnyder has revealed that the films will be accompanied by their corresponding director’s cut, and that this formed “part of the plan” which contracted with Netflix from the beginning. The filmmaker has also delved into why he feels such sympathy for these montages.

“When you make a movie you have many voices in your creative mind telling you what the most narratively sound solution would be. And then you have another impulse (I have it, at least) that tells you ‘well, what if there are rabbit holes that are really awesome to go down and learn about different aspects of the characters?’”. Snyder would have consciously decided to explore these burrows in a version other than the official one. “My relationship with the fans of the films I have made is that they have always seen the director’s cuts as something like ‘okay, what’s that?’. ‘What am I going to learn there, in those easter egg?’”.

Snyder sets the Brazil of Terry Gilliam as inspiration. Brazilstarring in 1985 by bob hoskins either robert deniro, also had a well-known director’s cut. “I told myself ‘cool, that makes it so much easier’. It’s one of those things that I guess I’ve always been inspired by movies like Brazil: There’s a great history of great director’s cuts. When I was in film school I always thought it was cool that there was that other movie that you could discover.” Snyder is on the loose, and Netflix doesn’t want to put the leash back on him.

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