About the talent of zack snyder there is division of opinion. But what nobody can deny is that the director of 300, Batman v. Superman and Zack Snyder’s Justice League He has intensity to give and take. Something of which he has given proof again during a charity event, attacking the presumed culprits of the failure of his films to DC.

Who are those culprits, according to the director? Well nothing less than members of the public. in a celebration of Full Circle, In the anti-suicide NGO that Snyder created after his daughter took her own life, the filmmaker has openly claimed that his tapes were too mature and complex to be understood by a mass audience.

“I think, and maybe I’m wrong, that a lot of people went to the movies and were like, ‘It’s a superhero movie, right? Let’s have a good time!'” Snyder explained, referring to the reactions towards batman v. Superman. “And we gave them this hard-boiled, multi-layered, mythological, modern superhero deconstruction movie that needs your full attention.”

“That did not suit them,” continued the director of The man of steel. “That wasn’t something anyone wanted to do. His response was ‘What? No! That’s very tiring. Let’s see, why do they fight at night?’ And I hate that.”

Perhaps Snyder is oversimplifying when describing viewers’ impressions of his films. Although it is true that batman v. Superman and the rest of his works for DC earned negative reactions from the public and critics, it is also what they gathered around them a legion of fanatical followers determined to see the original assembly of League of Justice and in preserving the call ‘Snyderverse’.

under the aegis of James Gunn and Peter Saffron, surely the new DC will have nothing to do with Snyder’s intense darkness. However, the director is still busy with rebel moon, the science-fiction epic that will premiere this December in Netflix and in which we will see Sofia Boutella and charlie hunnam, among others.

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