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Zack Nelson vs. sapphire crystal watch protection

 Zack Nelson vs.  sapphire crystal watch protection

Several smart watch brands have failed to interpret the SI unit system quite creatively – the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro is especially thicker and sturdier than what the product page tells the uninitiated, “forgetting” about the sensor hump or the weight of the strap. Here and there, both Garmin and Apple prefer metric over precision, and apples in relation to the iPhone’s screen Ceramic Shield screen protection, in relation to the rear lenses and the sapphire crystal adjectives are used. In practice, however, these protective plates are not as resistant to scratches as the words ceramic or sapphire promise.

Fenix ​​7S Sapphire Solar [+]

The expensive Apple Watch Ultra, the Garmin Fenix ​​7 and Epix Gen2 Sapphire editions, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 family all use a sapphire crystal indicator, but the example of the iPhone 14 shows that there is a difference in quality between these solutions. On paper, a sapphire crystal should be scratched first by an 8 or 9 Mohs hardness chisel, as opposed to conventional tempered glass, where a 6 or 7 chisel (and a grain of sand in your pocket) will leave a visible mark. But in vain sapphire glass inscription on the product page of the iPhone 14, if the latter, lower hardness chisels scratch the lens protector.

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro [+]

Scratch protection is critical for a watch because it is exposed to the elements of nature all day long compared to a protected mobile phone in a pocket, bag and table. With sports equipment in the gym, rocks, gravel, salt water, sand, and more outdoors, it’s easy to inadvertently or inevitably put more strain on your portable gadgets, so Zack Nelson examined the top watches of the three brands, specifically the quality of the sapphire crystal.

Nelson’s special tool reinforces the material of the Watch5 above the display, but already the 6 and 7 hardness chisels are scratchy sound ad, fortunately almost completely invisible, although not with zero traces – the scratches appear spectacularly from the use of the 8 hardness tool. The Fenix ​​7 Sapphire Solar is also real sapphire glass according to the instrument, and here the 6-7 chisel does not even make an unpleasant sound, and the first scratches appear from the 8 tool.

Apple Watch Ultra with the new, special dial.
The Apple Watch Ultra [+]

In the case of the Watch Ultra, the 6-7 chisel makes a sound again, and some visible traces of the latter remain in the case of adequate refraction, but here again the 8 causes the greater damage, and according to the instrument, this watch is also a real sapphire crystal protects The minimal but visible difference in scratch resistance underlines: it does not matter from which source, the purity and quality of the protective sheet. However, you can safely go out on the field with all three keys.

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