Yuya was seen at Siddhartha’s concert and her fans claimed that she revived her partner’s career

Yuya was seen at Siddhartha's concert and her fans claimed that she revived her partner's career
Yuya again attended a Siddhartha concert, but the fans created a conversation about which of the two is more famous (Photo: Instagram/@yuyacst)

After Siddhartha be presented at the Palacio de los Deportes on September 1, hundreds of Internet users trended his name and that of yuyawell the youtuber was caught enjoying her boyfriend’s concert as his number 1 fan.

Last Thursday Siddhartha appeared in the first of the two concerts that he will give at the Palacio de los Deportes with his tour 00:00which is part of the promotions of his most recent album 00:00 Y future memorybut the singer did not attend his presentation alone, but Yuya was again seen in the audience singing her boyfriend’s songs.

With a drink in hand, the influencer was caught dancing while Siddhartha and his musicians played Controlso the video quickly went viral on social networks thanks to users making comments like “Stay with someone who supports you as much as Yuya supports #Siddhartha” about.

Despite the fact that there were several comments in which netizens celebrated the relationship that the couple has, in which both support each other in their careers, this also caused another conversation to start that divided opinionsas some users pointed out that Yuya, with the fact of being Siddhartha’s girlfriend, managed to catapult his fame.

“It does make me angry that they say that Siddhartha is breaking it thanks to Yuya, eat shit… Do you locate the great songs that you have released since your inception?”, ”What his managers did not do for Siddhartha in 15 years, Yuya did with a couple of insta stories”, “Siddhartha is a good musician, but do we all agree that Yuya revived his career? nobody bumped it”, were some of the tweets that stood out the most from this controversy.

On the other hand, some netizens celebrated that, if this is true, Yuya would have made the music of the interpreter of unique It would have reached more people, but they denied that the singer’s fame is completely due to his girlfriend.

Yuya caused a stir among those present and on social networks by singing some of Siddhartha's most famous songs with her boyfriend (Capture: @laguerameel/Twitter)
Yuya caused a stir among those present and on social networks by singing some of Siddhartha’s most famous songs with her boyfriend (Capture: @laguerameel/Twitter)

“I am a #old fan of Siddhartha and I can say that that guy is a pinc… ching… on his own, and if Yuya helped boost his career even more, well, what does he have? They are a good team, that’s love, stop being nefarious”, “It is good that Yuya has contributed to more people listening to Siddhartha, but this man is a tremendous musician with or without herfor a long time,” wrote netizens.

It is not the first time that this conversation has gained strength on social networks, since it is not the first time that the couple has enjoyed a concert by the 00:00 tour together.

On April 30, Mariand Castrejón -Yuya’s real name- went on stage while the father of her child was interpreting unique. The couple even shared a kiss in front of the entire public and the video of the moment went viral.

Although there were comments like “Yuya and Sid’s video made me tear up”some users recalled that between this famous couple there are more than 10 years differenceWell, while Yuya is 29 years old, Siddhartha has just turned 45. This caused some fans to question their relationship, while others recalled that, when they met, the influencer he was already of legal age and could freely choose his partners.