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Youtuber gets the Amazon Alexa assistant to prepare alcoholic beverages

Alexa can prepare a drink thanks to this invention. (photo: YouTube/Audax)

There are no limits to human wisdom, that is already clear. In recent years, it has been possible to see many inventions that greatly improve life, and today it has been known that created a device what do you use Alexa to make your favorite drink who asks for it. TechMarkup will show in detail how this technological milestone was achieved.


The first thing to remember is that the creator of this instant drink machine is a youtuber called Audax. East content creator He has uploaded a video to his channel in which you can see this cocktail machine in action, although the details of its construction are still being finalized.

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Alexa can become a bartender

Of course, the video is really amazing because it shows the build process quickly so that any follower of the creator doesn’t miss a thing. Unfortunately, the materials, parts and technological elements used to create this innovative way of having a drink, be it a cuba libre or a margarita, are not explained or shared.


In general, you can see a box in which various pipes, pumps, cables and circuits are arranged. It is important to take everything into account, because it is a machine that can distinguish between different orders and, above all, you can prepare different types of drinks in an instant.

A YouTuber named Audax turns Alexa into a cocktail making machine

How was this invention achieved?

Now, how has Audax made it so that Alexa understands the different mixed cocktails? The truth is that this is the easy part of this project and it shows that it is not difficult to understand it. In fact, all you need to do is configure Alexa skills to understand that the user wants rum and Coke, and not a pisco sour.

After setting up the skills comes the hard part and unfortunately it doesn’t appear in youtuber Audax’s video. Of course, users familiar with components such as home automation motherboards have managed to discover that Arduino Mega 2560 it is the base plate for all pipes and pumps.

Alexa can prepare a drink thanks to this invention. (photo: YouTube/Audax)
Alexa can prepare a drink thanks to this invention. (photo: YouTube/Audax)

As if this piece was not complex or surprising enough, the youtuber decided to integrate a small lever on the glass. This elevator lowers the glass to the point where the filling takes place, so simply ordering a cocktail from Alexa is automatic.

This is a striking invention that Audax managed to bring to life in his living room, covering the top with wood that looks like it was taken from a workbench. Of course, you need to refill the drinks tanks when they run out and you have to put ice in the glasses, but other than that the process is really very satisfying and fun to watch.

Alexa can prepare a drink thanks to this invention. (photo: YouTube/Audax)
Alexa can prepare a drink thanks to this invention. (photo: YouTube/Audax)

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