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YouTube TV brings a new function so you don’t miss a second of the programs

In early February of this year, NealMohan, Product Manager of Youtubetold The Verge that they were developing the feature ‘Picture in picture’ for YouTubeTV.

What was promised was a debt and YouTube complied; device users iOS They already have this function in the application, as announced on his official account Twitter.

With Picture in Picture, Picture in Picture or simply PiP, users can continue to use YouTube TV even after exiting the app. So, if you are watching a live concert through the platform, you can also see what they say on Twitter about what happens on stage, or other news.

How to enable Picture in Picture on YouTube

The first thing to keep in mind to get this new option is that it is compatible with devices with iOS 15; otherwise the app needs to be updated to the latest version. This functionality has been available in Android for several years, but Google it has taken time to decide whether to integrate it into iOS devices, or not.

To activate the new YouTube TV feature, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to return to the home screen. You will notice that what was being viewed in the application will continue to play in a smaller window.

This window can be moved around the screen and placed wherever the user wants. With Picture in Picture, those who consume YouTube TV will be able to check their messages, emails or do anything else on their mobile devices while continuing to watch the content; be it a recipe, a gamer doing streaming or the summary of a game of soccer.

YouTube’s new feature is exclusively for Premium users

Unfortunately, not everything is rosy. When connecting from Android devices, the feature allows this option without restrictions.

On iOS, You will need to be registered as a Premium user to try this feature. It is not yet known when this feature will be available to all users, but the official YouTube page says that Premium users can try the option until April 8.

“We are still planning to launch PiP for all users without a YouTube Premium subscription in the US. We have no other updates to share at this time,” the company told MacRumors.

How to navigate in incognito mode from the cell phone on YouTube

This tool, existing in most web browsersallows the user to traverse Internet in a session that will not save any information of said journey, either in the history or in the register of accounts and passwords.

In simple words, With this mode you can browse the “corridors” of the Internet without leaving any trace or footprint in your path. With this clear information, you just have to follow these steps to enable incognito mode in the YouTube app:

1. Open the app of Youtube on a cell phone or tablet.

two. Your profile picture will appear in the upper right corner of the screen; tap on it.

3. A new menu will be displayed immediately. In this, just below the photo and the Manage your Google Account option, the option to Activate incognito mode; select it.

Four. Done, when the screen is refreshed, it will already be using this mode on YouTube.

It should be remembered that, to recognize that you are in incognito mode, at the bottom of the screen it will appear a fixed black bar it will remember that you are using this tool.


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