YouTube: the 10 videos that Argentines do not stop playing today

The YouTube platform has become one of the public’s favorite means of having a good time. (Illustration: Jovani Pérez)

In such a dizzying and stressful modern world, it is normal for people to look for various ways to relax and forget about the problems of the day, whether it is going out with friends, watching movies with the family, watching a series before bed, doing yoga or good to resort to Youtube videos.

YouTube, created in 2005, has become the largest digital video library in the world, and there you can find everything from music, through horror stories to the famous ASMR clips among millions of channels.

On the platform, which is also the second most popular site in the world only behind Google, more than 500 hours of content are uploaded every minute and it is estimated that the earnings for the video network reach 15 billion dollars per quarter .

Added to the statistics is that YouTube has a presence in at least 104 countries, available in a total of 80 languages.

According to the platform, users around the world watch 5 billion videos a day, so since it is a daunting task to decide what to watch and not get lost among so many new features, the platform launched various charts in 2018 where you can check which are the most viewed videos of the week (general), the most played music videos in recent days and the day’s trends, which are updated in real time.

Here is the list of the 10 videos that are trending among the Chilean public this September 12:


Video: Automatic (Official Video)

Channel: Maria Becerra Music


Video: Mission 10

Channel: Callejero Fino & Alan Goméz


Video: Forget (Remix)

Channel: La Konga, Rucherking


Video: Killer Bombón

Channel: Lit Killah & Los Palmeras


Video: What happened (live)

Channel: Q’ Lokura


Video: Bad Love (Official Video)

Channel: MYA



Channel: KAROL G & Maldy


Video: Love of Your Life

Channel: Dani Ribba & Luck Ra



Channel: Lola Indigo & Maria Becerra


Video: Like the Flower (Cover)

Channel: Ke Characters

How YouTube was born

YouTube was born in February 2005, when three former employees of the Paypal company ―Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim― came together and created it after experiencing difficulty sharing a couple of videos with each other after attending a party.

The domain was activated on February 14, 2005 and almost a month later, on April 23, the first clip was uploaded to the platform bearing the name “Me at the Zoo”. It was only a matter of time before everyone started uploading content and sharing the links through other social networks like MySpace.

One of the big companies that saw the potential of YouTube was the Nike brand, which uploaded an advertisement starring Ronaldinho, which made other big companies turn to YouTube and feel attracted.

Such was the great reception of Internet users by YouTube that by December 2005 the platform went from 50 million visits a day to 250 million views after a channel uploaded the music clip Lazy Sunday, originally broadcast by Saturday night Live.

For the following year, in 2006, the site was purchased by the Internet giant, Google, for a value of 1.65 billion dollars. At that time, 100 million videos were viewed per day and 65,000 clips were added daily. They also signed agreements with record companies to be able to play music videos.


In 2006 the site was bought by the Internet giant, Google, for a value of 1.65 billion dollars.  (Getty Images)
In 2006 the site was bought by the Internet giant, Google, for a value of 1.65 billion dollars. (Getty Images)

Since it was launched, YouTube was a site revolutionary not only on the internet, but also in the way users view content. Proof of this is the recognition that Time magazine gave him in November 2006 when he was named the “Invention of the Year”.

Become the best means of dissemination, enjoying such popularity has also put its owners in trouble, such as when hosting school fights or where there is bullying, clips related to terrorism, drug trafficking or other topics considered sensitive due to their intimate content or for showing crimes like murders and more.

For the United States, one of the most sensitive issues is that of school shootings, which is why YouTube has been in the eye of the hurricane more than once for hosting content filmed by the attackers, as was the case with the slaughter of Virginia Tech, when Cho Seung-Hui, the attacker, previously uploaded a speech to the events.

More recently, following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, concerns have also been raised about how the platform enables content monetization which can be misleading and risky for the population.

Although not everything is bad, because through this platform many people have been recognized for their talent, as was the case of Susan Boyle, who participated in the program Britain’s Got Talent whose excerpt uploaded to YouTube managed to make the woman become a complete unknown to one of the most viralized, famous and acclaimed people on the internet.

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