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YouTube Shorts: how much can you earn if a video goes viral

Short videos or also called "Shorts" on YouTube and TikTok.  (photo: 20Minutes)
Short videos or also called “Shorts” on YouTube and TikTok. (photo: 20Minutes)

Youtube launched last year a new section of short videos: Shorts, in order to compete directly with TikTok and Instagram in this format. Although they have become very popular all over the world, there are still some questions about how these clips work and what must be done to be able to monetize them.

Several content creators they have started to dedicate themselves to making these videos, which are faster and more dynamic and easier to enjoy on the platform. Although, if you talk about the income that can be achieved with them, the subject changes a bit, as this is not what many people expect.

In this note, TechMarkup will explain how you can start making profits with Shorts and the requirements that must be followed to start.

How much can you earn if a short is viral

In the event that a short film becomes viral on YouTube and a millionaire figure is achieved, the payment can reach USD$10,000, although the amount depends on the impact of the video.

For example, the popular youtuber Y streamer luwing revealed that to reach 12 million views with a pair of his shorts in a month, he was only paid $85.

Luwing.  (photo: Global Esport)
Luwing. (photo: Global Esport)

How and since when can you monetize with YouTube Shorts

A very important detail to take into account in this type of video is the budget assigned for this part, since although it is under the YouTube platform, it is supervised and directed by the YouTube Shorts Background, so for the moment cannot generate advertising revenue.

In other words, you can only get the views that the short content has in the channel, although the difference with normal format videos is huge.

On the one hand, it is worth mentioning that the company has not confirmed the process or formula for measuring income in this section, so it can only be measured based on the experiences of some users.

YouTube shorts.  (photo: Andro4all)
YouTube shorts. (photo: Andro4all)

Countries where YouTube pays for shorts

So far, YouTube has officially announced that there are only 10 countries where content creators can earn revenue for posting videos in this format, which are:

– Brazil


– India

– Indonesian

– Japan

– Mexico


– United Kingdom

– Russia

– South Africa

Requirements to start monetizing with shorts

– The first uploaded short must have at least 180 days since its creation.

– You have to wear at least one short a day.

– The user must be over 13 years old. In the case of being a minor, you must have the authorization of your parents.

– Do not upload short films with a watermark from other platforms, otherwise, the account could be terminated.


How to use images or videos as wallpapers in YouTube Shorts

YouTube’s green screen now allows users to create original short content that has a strong creative signature and can be mixed with other short videos.

Green screen on the YouTube Shorts.  (photo: YouTube)
Green screen on the YouTube Shorts. (photo: YouTube)

According to Google’s content platform, Green Screen is “the next step in a new journey for creators can create and innovate with content from billions of videos across all of YouTube, being also part of our effort to provide more tools to our creators so that they can express themselves creatively with access to the largest library in the world”.

With this new feature, YouTube not only puts TikTok in the spotlight, but also presents itself as a great platform for video content, where all kinds of creative ways can take place.

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