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YouTube is testing a new strict moderation system called “Increase Stringency”

Because the spam comments in Youtube would be proliferating more and more in all channels, the Google platform would be testing a stricter moderation tool so that these stop sneaking in and stop being a threat to users.


In accordance with The Verge Many content creators have expressed their frustration faced with this situation since past weeks, including technology channels such as Linus Tech Tips. These channels have indicated that there are more and more malicious comments who try to impersonate them to scam their visitors.

The creators warn from their own experience that YouTube has serious spam problems. From cryptocurrency pyramid scams to food supplements and Robux, Roblox video game virtual currencies, for free, but the most worrying thing is that all of it has been increasing.


Another way in which spam comments manifest themselves is taking the place of content creatorspromising viewers some benefit for messaging them, and after that the attackers manage to commit fraud against the users.

They also detected another technique that may be less malicious but potentially dangerous. Last June, youtuber Sean “Jacksepticeye” McLoughlin said on his channel that he detected comments that were “copy and paste” of genuine posts, only their profile names were highly suspicious. For example, “T[A]P Me!! to have [S]EX With Me”, which in Spanish would be “Press here to have sex with me”, in these cases, it is best to ignore them, since they are most likely viruses.


Although YouTube has tools for machine learning and human review for remove spam comments automatically, seems not to be having 100% coverage. As he told The Verge Ivy CHoi, YouTube spokesperson, the company removed more than 950 million comments that violated its policiesamong those who had probable scam comments in just the first quarter of 2021.

The spokeswoman added that the “vast majority” of these deleted comments were automatically removed by the system automated spam detection. Because many comments still go unnoticed by its algorithms, YouTube appears to be working on solving the problem.

The tech influencer Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD, made a post on Twitter this Friday, where he assured that YouTube is testing a new moderation tool called “Increase rigor”.

“This “Increase Rigor” content moderation tool is a new YouTube experiment that has been in the works for a while. Hoping it can make a dent in this comment spam that we’ve been seeing lately,” she said.


The rigor tool would have begun its testing stage since December 2021, according to spokeswoman Mariana De Felice. With the feature enabled, potentially inappropriate comments will automatically be taken up for review.

“Given the evolving nature and changing tactics of spam content, we continually adapt our systems so they can keep up to date,” Choi said. Likewise, with the tool, it would allow creators to take care of the spam they find in their channels.

Brownlee mentioned that there is a tool made by youtuber ThioJoe, which allows you to filter and search for spam in the comments of the channel or in the channel of others, as well as delete or report them all at the same time. Until now It is not known when YouTube will send the new tool to all channels.


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