YouTube improves its sound quality for Apple TV with version 5.1

YouTube improves its sound quality for Apple TV with version 5.1

Sound quality is an important part of the experience of consuming videos or television programs. That’s why, Youtube announced in March that its television service, YouTubeTVwould improve the audio in which its content would be broadcast in AppleTV to version 5.1, an update that is already available.

Surround sound, which some devices have access to, was first released on Google TV, Android TV and Roku since June, with certain devices of Amazon FiveTV also during that month.

As indicated on the support page of YouTubeTV, the platform’s 5.1 surround sound availability will be automatically available if a compatible sound system is found. Although not all content on the platform will have this audio quality, as is the case with live videos and paid programs.

YouTube TV 5.1 surround sound is also available on Chromecast.  (Range Tops)
YouTube TV 5.1 surround sound is also available on Chromecast. (Range Tops)

In the event that users wish to see the programming and verify that the video being viewed has the 5.1 surround sound must follow these steps:

– Open the app YouTubeTV on TV and play a video.

– Go to the player controls and select the ‘more’ option in the form of three vertical dots.

– Select the icon in the form of an insect.

This will allow you to view ‘stats for nerds’, a panel at the top of the video that indicates details about the device on which the video or show is playing. If 5.1 sound is currently active, users should be able to see “AC-3/EAC-3” in the section called Codecs.

Surround sound compatible devices

The support page of Google indicates that in order to have the surround sound experience of YouTube TV, the apps must be updated to the latest version on the following devices: Samsung, LG and Vizio.

Also, this audio feature will also be available in players such as Chromecasts, Android TV, Google TV, Roku, Fire TV Stick 4K Max, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick 4K, and Fire TV Stick with 4K Ultra HD

Watch free movies on YouTube

Streaming platforms like Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, among others, are not the only legal channels through which a user can watch movies or series legally and for free. The YouTube platform also has channels where you can access this type of content.

YouTube Movie Central (Screenshot)
YouTube Movie Central (Screenshot)

Channels like MULTIMEDIA CINETEL, dedicated to the dissemination of old films, series and documentaries made between the 30s and 40s, is an option available for people interested in the most classic cinema. This audience also has an additional option at PizzaFLIX, a space where films from the golden age of Hollywood are digitally remastered.

For those interested in watching more modern movies, the Movie Central has available a variety of titles released in recent years and that they are capable of distributing through Youtube. In this case, the vast majority of feature films are in English, but the platform enables subtitles in some of them.