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YouTube has been updated and now promises more real and reliable videos about health

Youtube was revamped so that users can find more reliable and quality health content. The platform informed, within the framework of its Google Health The Check Up event, that different strategies have been implemented so that the material accessed by the audience comes from authorized sources in the material.


It is common for users to resort to the platform of video to make inquiries of all kinds, including health. So they usually enter questions in the search engine of the video site to search for material that helps to understand the different stages of a disease, symptoms related to pathologies and even possible treatments.

In light of these facts, the platform has been developing different initiatives so that the first thing that users find, prominently, is relevant information and that it comes from authorized sources. The idea is to highlight and prioritize content that adds value to the user.


“At YouTube, we’re working to make it easier for people to find reliable information to help answer their questions.and we are putting health professionals at the center of our efforts to connect people with useful content”, they highlighted from the platform, in the press meeting in which they participated TechMarkup.

The platform added updates that, in principle, will only be available for Japan, Brazil and India. Starting this week, new features will be seen on YouTube along with some health-related searches and videos so that users can identify the content that comes from authorized sources.


With this objective, new information panels of clip health sources to assist viewers when searching for specific health topics.

“These context cues are intended to help people more easily navigate and assess reliable health information. People will still be able to find relevant videos from a variety of sources in their search results.

To identify the appropriate sources, criteria developed by a panel of experts convened by the National Academy of Medicine were applied., a non-governmental and non-profit organization that brings together leading specialists in the areas of health, medicine and biomedical sciences; and that analyzes different topics: from gene editing to epidemiological issues.


“In February, YouTube asked a panel of experts convened by the National Academy of Medicine to assess how to define “authoritative sources of health content.” and the ways in which those sources obtain and sustain their authority. The panel of experts drafted these principles, which are the first of their kind,” they reported from the company.

In turn, in the last year the company has been working together with other health organizations, as well as with doctors and creators. Within the framework of this agreement, the organizations are generating educational videos, with useful explanations. This is the case of the Stanford Center for Health Education, among others. The idea is to disseminate relevant and reliable information on health issues, such as Covid-19, which represented a real challenge when it came to communicating.


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