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YouTube and WhatsApp, the digital platforms most used by Colombians

The social mediaas well as the digital platformsare part of the lives of many people today. Basically, they are used for entertainment purposes and even to find out, not only about the things that happen around the users, but also about the details of life that the people they follow reveal to us.


The company We are social revealed the social networks and platforms most used by Colombians, being Youtube the platform that holds the greatest role, with 96% participation.

According to another outlet, Kinsta, more than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and more than 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are viewed per day. More than half of that comes from mobile deviceswith users spending more than an hour a day watching YouTube videos on their mobile devices.


2018 marked the fastest growth in YouTube viewership compared to the past two years, with the number of hours people have spent watching YouTube videos up 60% year over year.

Precisely, proprietary platform of Google is preferred by Colombian users, and much has to do with the implementation of the famous ‘Shorts‘. This modality to enjoy videos is the great novelty that helps to capture more people’s attention, being able to spend hours and hours on the video platform.


Second is found WhatsApp with 94% And it was not surprising, because people prefer this method because it has proven to be easy to use, as well as fast and effective. It also highlights the tools it has recently made available to companies, such as Whatsapp Businessthrough which an entrepreneur, for example, can not only interact with their customers but also provide them with a catalog of products.

The third most used social network in the country is Facebook from Goal with a 91.7% participation. We must remember that, despite being the mother of all apps, the use of Facebook has been in decline for a few years, not only due to the appearance of new competitors such as TikTok, which has primarily focused on short videos and live broadcasts. Partly, Facebook has made an effort to stay up to date, such as combining live broadcasts with game themes, in addition to the boost it has given to Stories on its platform.

According to We are social, Instagram is the fourth most used social network by Colombians, with 84.4% participation. This application, famous for being a virtual photo album, has also struggled to survive, as the novelty of the reelsor also the recent addition of selecting a feed (Following or Favorites), in addition to the various functions that can be implemented in your stories, such as applying filters or including songs.


In the Fifth position is TikTok with a 69.5% share. It is clear that media content is being the ‘boom’ of the current generation, and from this TikTok emerged. Since its inception, the goal has been to deliver content through short and long videos. And now it seeks to continue its growth by incorporating the popular Instagram Stories or ‘Stories’ on its platform.

In the sixth and seventh position places meet Twitter Y Telegramwith 50.8% and 48.3%. Just like the others, they recently had to include improvements to keep their users engaged. The first already has a tool to improve notifications. While the latter has become WhatsApp’s direct competition in recent years, it seems that Colombian users stay with the Meta application by far.

The following digital and social platforms occupy the subsequent positions of preference among Colombians:

8. Pinterest, 45.7%

9. LinkedIn, 29.6%

10. Snapchat, 28%

11. Skype, 22.5%

12.iMessage, 14.1%

13.Discord, 13.3%

14. Badoo, 10%

15.Line, 8.8%

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