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YouTube and the Super Thanks function, an option to give money to channel owners

During the past year, Youtube decided to surprise the content creators with ‘Super Thanks’. However, this proposal was still in beta for a limited number of channels. During its presentation, the company announced that “This is the perfect way for creators to monetize directly with their fans.”


Now YouTube has officially announced that Super Thanks has spread to 68 more countries. Therefore, if any TechMarkup reader is a member of the YouTube Partner Program and is located in one of the selected locations, they can already enable the Super Thanks function in their profile.

Of course, in this article TechMarkup will explain what exactly the ‘Super Thanks’ are, as well as the step by step to be able to activate this function on YouTube. Although, first, it is important to know the Spanish-speaking countries where you can already enable the function:


– Argentina



– Brazil

– Chili

– Colombia


– Costa Rica

– Ecuador

– The Savior

– Spain


– Honduran

– Mexico


– Panama

– Paraguay

– Peru

– Dominican Republic

– Uruguay

What are YouTube Super Thanks and how do they work?

Until now, YouTube has had several options for showing simple ‘fan’ support to creators: buttons Like, Share and Subscribe. However, now you can support even more with the famous ‘Super Thanks’. This function is available in the app iOS, Android and in the web version.

You just have to press the button ‘Heart + $’ next to the description. With this action, a user can thank their favorite creators by sending Super Thanks, which means that monetary support can range from USD$2 and a maximum of USD$50. However, there will also be a choice between two average rates of $5 and $10.

Once selected, YouTube will be decorated with a bubble animation. Besides, will also announce the amount donated to the creator by commenting on the video in question. If the YouTuber user sees it, they will be able to reply to the donation comment as if it were any other comment.

It’s that simple to activate Super Thanks on a YouTube channel

If the person reading this is a YouTube creator with a loyal following, or knows someone who is, then you might want to consider turning this feature on at once.

A content creator can use this opportunity to generate additional income. To do this, and as already mentioned above, You need to manually enable Super Thanks on the YouTube channel, so you just have to follow the steps to do it.

Of course, the channel must have monetization enabled and, of course, being located in one of the 68 selected regions. Now yes, the step by step:

1. Go to YouTube Studio on the computer.

2. In that section, tap on Monetization in the left sidebar.

3. Find the tab super. If you do not find this option, follow the instructions to set everything up.

4. When you have the previous step done, you just have to activate the Super Thanks switch.

5. Done, now anyone can donate money to the YouTube channel through this feature.

Finally, if you have not been able to see the option but if all the requirements are met, there is nothing to worry about. This feature is slowly starting to roll out, so it may take a few days to appear.


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