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YouTube added these 5 new features for direct

Youtube You don’t want to be left behind in the world of streamingwhich is growing exponentially on other platforms such as Twitch, TikTok or Instagram, which is why it is making way for five new features.

The new tools were announced by Creator Insider, which may sound very similar to those on TikTok and Twitch for some. Below is the news.

Go Live Together

It is a function that will allow streamers to have guests on their live streams. These will be able to access from your mobile device through a guest link, when both are connected the screen will be divided in half, one for each person.

At the moment the tool will be working only for mobile devices and can be tested by a small number of users.


Now a red ring will be integrated which will tell users if their favorite YouTuber is live, similar to how Twitch, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok do it. That way, followers will be able to know immediately if their influencer is live so they can join the stream and not miss out on what’s new. This modality will first reach mobile devices and later web support.

Cross Channel Live Redirects

This function is already known to many under the name of “raid” on Twitch. Basically it is to allow the content creator to send their viewers to another direct (when theirs ends) and thus create a community that boosts other channels.

This action will be limited to channels that have more than a thousand subscribers and do not have strikes (bad behavior). In addition, the creator must be subscribed to the channel to which the Live Redirect will be sent, or else, that the other streamer have the feature enabled. The purpose of these regulations is that don’t do ‘raids’ of hatewhere viewers of the main channel are redirected to another streamer to harass and denigrate him.

full screen mode

It again simulates a Twitch feature. This allows the viewer to see the stream in full screen (horizontal) from their mobile, where a part is divided for live and another to read and write messages. YouTube will add the number of viewers in the corner of the screen.

Questions and answers

So that the streamer don’t lose the featured questions among the sea of ​​comments, these now they will appear at the top of the chat so that they can be seen by everyone more easily and without fear of being lost.

Last February, the platform also said that youtube shorts It will receive new features and tools, as well as new video effects, editing capabilities and the option to respond to comments by creating a short (short), similar to how it is done on TikTok.

will introduce new ways to monetize shorts, including expanding avenues for branded content, bringing Super Chat to Shorts, and finally enabling the ability to shop from a Short.

He also reported that purchases will expand extensively on the platform. So the live shopping experience will explore new aspects. will be added new insights to YouTube Studio which, according to the company, will help creators understand how their viewers interact, allowing them to generate ideas for new videos, based on that information.



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