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Young man replicated the Batmobile and sells it at an affordable price

have a batmobile to go for a walk and then store it in the garage is no longer such a distant dream thanks to the fact that a young man and his work team in Vietman managed to make a identical replica of the vehicle BruceWayne at an affordable cost.


The envious of the billionaire character of DC Comics will have the opportunity to pool their savings to buy the car with the Vietnamese entrepreneur, Nguyen Dac Chung, just 23 years old, who managed to double the car from Batman.

It’s about a fully electric vehicle that on the outside has the same characteristics of the iconic model of the Christopher Nolan saga. The artist or architect made in his workshop in Hanoi, Macro Studios, where superhero costumes are also made.


Dac Chung, in company with his team of architects, designers and engineers managed to make a functional replica of the vehicle from “The Dark Knight”. It is made with ABS, composite and carbon fiber panels, on a steel base.

Some pieces were made by hand, others were printed in 3D to achieve the resemblance. Although there are no details about the electric motor and its charging battery, it is known that it weighs less than 600 kilos and measures 3.7 meters long, 2.4 meters wide and 1.3 meters high.


It has automatic hydraulic doors that can be opened with remote control. Even inside it retains the resemblance to the car in the movie, since it has monitors with which you can see the images captured, four tactical cameras that give a vision of almost 360º, which is essential as it has very small windows. It is two-seaterwhich means that it only has space for the driver and his co-driver.

Although its tires are slightly smaller than the ones in the movie, there is no difference that affects the performance or the resemblance to the Batmobile in the movie.

The cost of the zero emission replica of the Batmobile is more than 34,500 dollars Americans and can be purchased from the Vietnam-based automaker called Van Daryl. You can also fill out an inquiry form for potential buyers on their official site.


It should be noted that the maximum speed of the car is 105 kilometers per hour, ideal for touring closed circuits and specific venues, since everything indicates that the vehicle will not be able to circulate on streets or highways. In each country, the local traffic law should be reviewed to see if the car can have license plates.

Do not forget that a few years ago a replica of the Batmobile was seen driving through the streets of Moscowhowever, the driver was arrested by the police because he did not have a circulation certificate.

At the time, police said the 32-year-old driver, whom he did not identify, would be charged with violating traffic regulations.

The car, which was too wide to drive on city streets, was stopped, towed away and wrapped in duct tape and black plastic, pictures showed. It seemed to be a copy of the Batmobile from the movie “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

In 2020, a life-size replica of the car from the film was put up for sale by its owner for 55 million rubles ($840,000), according to the online media outlet. TheVillage. Another website that published the car, Auto.Ru, said it had been sold, without specifying the price.

(With information from Reuters)


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