Elliott Page came out of the closet as a trans man in 2020. Before that, she identified as a lesbian woman, also suffering discrimination for it while she made a name for herself in Hollywood after the triumph of June. Page, who today is involved in the final stretch of The Umbrella Academy, has just published a memoir detailing what those years were like. Its titled pageboy and People has collected a fragment about an incident that took place in 2014, while a “acquaintance” from Page who questioned his sexuality.

Occurs in the chapter Famous Asshole at Party (“A Famous Party Coconut”), and there Page refers to how he was at a party almost ten years ago when a guy whose name he did not want to give approached him and questioned whether he was homosexual. “You are not gay, that does not exist. Only are you afraid to men. I am going to fuck you so that you realize that you are not gay, ”she told him. Apparently it didn’t take long for him to regret it, because a couple of days later they met in a gym and this same man told him “I swearI don’t have a problem with gays.”

For Page, this anecdote illustrates what the collective has to endure LGTBIQ+ in Hollywood, bearing the stigma. “I am not going to reveal his name, but he will find out about this and he will know that it is him,” says the interpreter, to reflect on what this tells us about the industry. “Variations of this have happened to me many times throughout my life. Many people queer and trans deals with it incessantly. These are moments we often don’t talk about or are supposed to overlook, when they are actually terrible”.

“I put that story in the book because I want to highlight the reality, the bullshit that we constantly deal with, especially in environments that are predominantly cis and heterosexual. How do we navigate that world where you either have more extreme moments like this, or more subtle jokes.”

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