You: When will Season 4 Part 2 premiere on Netflix?

Planned for ten episodes in its 4th season, the series youhowever, returned to Netflix last week with just five episodes.. Although many fans were taken by surprise, during the promotion of the fourth year, the streaming giant emphasized the periodic division of production that features Penn Badgley in the lead role of Joe Goldberg.

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So, when will the second part of this batch of episodes hit the platform? Below, you will be able to check all the information regarding the 4th season of you. Enjoy!


you: Season 4 final episodes will be available in March


According to the series’ Internet Movie Database (IMDb), the forecast is that the remaining five episodes of the 4th season of you become available March 9 on Netflix. Remember that, as usual, they will all be released on the same day and time on the streaming service.

This same distribution strategy has already been adopted in launching other series, including Stranger Things in 2022. With this, Netflix hopes to be able to prolong the viewers’ conversation around its content, since, in previous interviews, several platform producers emphasized that the weekly launch will not be applied so soon in streaming.

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In you, Joe Goldberg is presented as a kind man, who leads a seemingly normal life. However, behind his charm and seductive style, he hides a great unhealthy obsession with his love interests. Over the seasons, the character has been seen committing crazy things to achieve his goals.

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With Season 3’s sweeping and surprising finale, Joe started over in a new location from Year 4. As seen in the first five episodes, he moved to London and went on to teach at a prestigious institution. Although he tries to remain more secluded and away from his old habits, the temptation in the city is enormous.

Looking forward to the rest of the season? So stay tuned and be sure to check it out! you returns to Netflix on March 9.

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