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You: What You Need to Remember Before Season 4

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The new season of youhere in Brazil entitled You, arrives on Netflix this Thursday (9). The new batch of episodes will be divided into two parts: exactly one month after the first batch, on March 9, the last part of the 4th season arrives in the catalogue.

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The series will continue to follow psychopath Joe and his obsession with stalking other people. However, this time, as can be seen in the trailer, he will also be the target of a stalker. Check out the trailer for the new episodes of you:

To prepare for the arrival of new episodes, remember the events of the series. But attention, the following contains spoilers for all three seasons of the thriller released so far.

You Story Summary

In the first season, the series introduces Joe. He appears to be an ordinary man like any other. He works in a bookstore due to his passion for books and has an introverted but at the same time thought-provoking side.

In the first episode he meets Guinevere Beck, a woman he becomes obsessed with and begins to pursue in his home and routine, reaching the level of following even her friends. At the end of the first season, he murders Guinevere after suffering a rejection from her, who did not want any more contact with the psychopath after discovering her secrets.

In the last scene of the season, Joe discovers that his ex-girlfriend, Candace, is alive. She had supposedly been murdered by him before the events of the first season.

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

Second season

Then, in season two, Joe moves cities and identity. Before living in New York, he moves to Los Angeles and goes by the name Will. There, he meets his new obsession: Love Quinn. The girl owns a bakery and has a brother, Forty, who is addicted to drugs.

Joe/Will gets Love to fall in love with him and the two start a romance.

The story follows the couple until it culminates in the end, in which Love discovers the psychopath’s past. Candace, Joe’s ex, tried throughout the episodes to get revenge on her ex. But in the end, Love turns out to be a psychopath just like her boyfriend and, to protect him, she murders Candace.

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It is revealed that she also killed Joe’s neighbor, who had discovered the protagonist’s secrets. Finally, Forty tries to protect his sister from her boyfriend and, when he has a gun pointed at him, ready to shoot, a policeman arrives at Love’s bakery, where they were, and shoots him, killing him on the spot.

Also, Joe discovers that his girlfriend is pregnant with his child. The couple moves into a house in suburban San Francisco and the series moves into its third season.

..Source: Netflix

Third season

The following season begins with the couple’s child already born and with them trying to reconcile their lives by living together. As usual, Joe becomes obsessed with his neighbor, Natalie, and as soon as he realizes this, Love kills her.

However, Love herself begins to become attached to her victim’s son, Theo. The boy notices Joe’s strange behavior and tries to protect his neighbor at all costs. Meanwhile, the protagonist ends up “falling in love” with a librarian in the city, Marienne.

The protagonist protects the librarian from her abusive husband in his own way, namely by killing him. Marienne doesn’t feel comfortable with Joe because she knows he is married and has a child. At the same time, Love is suspicious of their relationship.

So she poisons Joe and leaves him paralyzed on the kitchen floor, so he can watch her kill Marienne. Love calls the librarian to her house and, seeing her daughter, is unable to complete her plan. The psychopath spares Marienne’s life and says that it was Joe who killed her ex.

Source: Netflix

Marienne runs away with her daughter and decides to move to Paris. Meanwhile, Love decides to end Joe’s life. However, he manages to turn it around and ends up killing his wife.

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The psychopath sets his own house on fire, to fake Love’s suicide, and donates his son to Marienne’s co-worker at the library. So Joe moves to Paris, with the goal of finding Marienne.

From there, the story of the fourth season of you. As you can see in the trailer for the first part, the story goes beyond the pursuit of the protagonist by Marienne, putting Joe in a new mystery involving murders in Europe.

So, are you looking forward to the premiere of the Netflix series?

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