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You: Understand the Season 4 Finale and Joe’s Fate

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The second part of the 4th season of You (you) it’s between us. The long-awaited outcome of the new year of the Netflix original series was released this Thursday (9) on streaming and continued the explosive and mysterious situations that fans saw in the first part of the work. Remembering that the 4th season of you was divided into two portions: the first aired on February 5 and had 5 episodes. The second, which has just premiered, had 5 more chapters full of surprises.

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  • You: Part 2 of the fourth season is released on Netflix

And, speaking of surprises, the last 5 episodes of Season 4 of You did not disappoint and raised several hot questions for viewers. As we saw in a recent trailer released by Netflix for the final chapters, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) was still on the trail of Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers), a murderer known as Killer of the Rich, and was reunited with an old affair: Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), his ex-girlfriend, whom he “killed” during the 3rd season of the production.

With all that in mind, we decided to list the main events at the end of the 4th season of you and tell you (with explanations) everything that happened. Here we go?

You: what happens at the end of season 4?

First, it is important to remember the context of this new year of You: Joe is now in London, England, and has assumed the identity of Jonathan Moore, a university professor. In this scenario, the killer believes that he has reached a point in his life where he has managed to leave behind all the killing, stalking and “bad” attitudes, so to speak, that he had. Instead, Joe wants a quiet, light life.

However, things change when a killer called Killer of the Rich appears in the narrative and starts killing people close to Joe, including friends and colleagues. Roald (Ben Wiggins) comes to accuse Joe of being the killer, however, Rhys reveals himself to be the criminal and kidnaps both (Joe and Roald), almost killing them. However, they are saved by Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) at 45 minutes of the second half.

  • You: When will the Netflix series end? Penn Badgley hints!

This brings us to You season 4 part two, which drops us a bombshell: Rhys is actually just part of Joe’s imagination.. We explain: the character exists in the universe of the series, however, he is not the Matador de Ricos, nor did he interact with Joe, as we are led to believe at first. That is, Joe projected his evil part, which was suppressed, onto Rhys, attributing his actions to him.

Joe is more bloodthirsty than ever in Season 4 of You on Netflix.Source: Netflix

Upon discovering this, we also see that Joe was keeping Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) prisoner in London in a glass cage. However, she manages to escape with the help of Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman), who fakes Marinne’s suicide, prompting Joe to “dispose” of her in a park. That’s when Nadia revives her through an injection of adrenaline and both manage to escape without Joe realizing what really happened.

The problem is that, after saving Marienne, Nadia returns to the narrative to try to unmask Joe and prove that he is the Rich Killer. Which unfortunately doesn’t work out very well. First, he murders Nadia’s boyfriend Edward (Brad Alexander). Afterwards, he deletes all evidence from the woman’s cell phone and explains that he came up with a plan to frame Edward for Rhys’s murder, and another scheme to frame Nadia for Edward’s death. That is, she does not die, but she has no escape and, in the end, is arrested, since she cannot undo Joe’s plans.

In the last few scenes, we see Joe trying to kill himself as he realizes how much he despises what he has become. He wakes up in a hospital, next to Kate, with whom he starts a kind of relationship and, later on, explains all the maneuvers he had to carry out to get rid of the consequences of his actions. Yeah, to the surprise of zero people, Joe didn’t rehabilitate himself and remains the same.

Will there be a 5th season of you?

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