You Can Only Play This Pokemon Game While Sleeping

You will soon no longer need to stay up late to complete your Pokédex, thanks to Pokémon Sleep; this game will reward your sleep rather than your persistence in staying awake

On the occasion of Pokémon Presents (event which marked the 27th anniversary of the Red and Green versions of Pokémon, released in Japan on February 27, 1996), the Pokémon Company released two new trailers for its Pokémon Sleep . Soon, the creatures of the famous license will no longer be content to deprive many trainers of sleep glued to their screens until late at night; they will also invade their dreams.

Three types of dodo

Announced in 2019, Pokémon Sleep is an application developed by SELECT BUTTON (the developers of Pokémon: Magikarp Jump) that will allow you to hunt Pokémon even while sleeping. It will take the form of a sleep monitoring and analysis application .

Depending on the sleep quality and time, determined by the nearby smartphone, the trainer-sleeper will have more or less Pokémon to capture when he wakes up.

”  The longer you sleep, the higher your score will be in the morning, and the more Pokémon you’ll see appear around Snorlax  ,” the Pokémon Company statement reads. Suffice to say that lovers of sleeping in should finally be rewarded.

But sleep well

Regarding the synopsis, well it will be the same as for 27 years: accumulate as many Pokémon as possible. No longer awake, but sleeping.

Otherwise, the adventure of your dreams will take place on the island of Snorlax. You will be accompanied in this quest by a certain Neroli, presented as a professor studying the different sleeping styles of Pokémon.

Because you may not know it, but not all Pokémon sleep the same way. Depending on how you spend your night (Pokémon Sleep will use three categories: ptidodo, bondodo or grosdodo) you will attract different types of creatures. Concretely, your ability to attract a Pikachu rather than a Ramolos for example, will depend on the quality of your sleep. Let’s just hope that this system will work in stages rather than by compartmentalization, otherwise it will open the way to deliberately shortened nights.

Anyway, as of now, Pokémon Sleep still doesn’t have a release date. The game, however, is expected to debut this year on Android and iOS.

Finally, know that the company has revealed a Plus version of its Pokémon Go Plus, called Pokémon Go Plus +. It can be used for Pokémon Sleep, but will not be essential.

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