You can now use WhatsApp on PC & tablets without a mobile phone

WhatsApp is finally releasing one of its most sought-after functions for Android and iOS users: the support of multiple devices! The function is relatively easy to use.

  • WhatsApp publishes multi-device support for all users
  • The function is still in the beta phase
  • Everyone can easily decide for or against the beta version

After a hectic month for parent company Meta, WhatsApp breaks the cycle of bad news. It started about a month ago with the massive outage that also affected all of the social media giant’s other messaging services. WhatsApp now brings Android and iOS users: multi-device support inside, which promises to finally eliminate one of the platform’s biggest problems.


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The way it works is relatively simple: If you have an iOS or Android device that is still officially supported by WhatsApp, you can finally use the service independently of your smartphone on up to 4 devices, which are now called “companion devices”, let run. So far there have only been workarounds that Ben informed you about months ago.

WhatsApp multi-device support
One and the same WhatsApp account on multiple phones? We can keep dreaming / © NextPit

This does not mean that you can use the messaging service from multiple smartphones because you can only use one phone number. But for all other devices, such as B. a Windows or macOS computer, the service will be a little easier to use. WhatsApp on tablets is unfortunately not yet supported, but we assume they will be added at some point.

So far, support for multiple devices has been immature at best, only allowing us to sync messages with the other devices over the phone. If for any reason the device was no longer connected, the service stopped working.


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Now you can use the service without your smartphone. Simply synchronize your companion devices once and your messages will arrive regardless of the status of your smartphone. A nice plus is that the messages remain encrypted, so this new feature doesn’t compromise security in any way. And if you don’t use a companion device for more than two weeks, it will be automatically disconnected.

It should be noted that multi-device support is still in the beta phase. Participants have to register for the beta phase and WhatsApp warns that there may still be some problems with the WhatsApp on PC, e.g. with the performance and quality and other minor errors. You can of course unsubscribe from the beta phase at any time, so that no conditions are attached to it.

Several other functions are also not available through the companion devices. To name a few, live location cannot be displayed, links with thumbnail images cannot be sent, and chats deletion will not work as long as the main device is an iPhone.


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Are you still looking forward to use WhatsApp on PC and maybe even testing it out? Let us know in the comments below this post!

Via: MacRumors

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