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You can now migrate from an iPhone to an Android with a new Google app

Google wants to make things easier for users migrating from iPhone and that’s why they released the app Switch to Android.


The new application allows you to migrate important data such as photos, videos or contacts to a new smartphone with obviously operating system Android. It is only necessary to follow a series of simple steps and additional tips to transfer the information successfully.

Switching to Android is Google’s answer to Transfer to iOS, an application of Manzana with the same functionality but working in reverse. Before the release, migration involved downloading google drive on iOS to make backup copies of the information and access it later from Android.


This is how it works Switch to Android, the new Google app

With Switch to Android, Google wants to make things easy through an intuitive process:


1. When you open the app, the first thing to do is scan the QR code what is received from the new smartphone. This will copy your contacts, calendar events, and any photos or videos you have on internal storage.

2. The app then offers steps to turn off iMessage and request a copy of the photos in iCloud. The service is available to iPhone users in more than 240 countries and allows you to transfer your collection to google photos.

3. Once the process is complete, Apple will send the content to the other service within three to seven days. All that is needed is a Google account and enough cloud storage.


Important: Despite being an important application, Google has not yet made an official announcement and the only way to access it is through a direct link.

At the time of this writing, the app does not appear in search results with the terms ‘Switch to Android’ or ‘Switch to Android’ in the app store. The first result is an advertisement for Google Chromethen a content transfer app.

Another way to switch to Android if you have an iPhone

Switch to Android is a good app, although it is not the ultimate solution to switch to Android if you have an Apple smartphone.

Although the application facilitates the process, transferred data is limited to contacts, files, photos or videos. Third-party applications will need to be re-downloaded and, in the event of WhatsApp, this process requires an additional step.

The good news is that WhatsApp already allows all users to transfer chat history, including voice messages, photos and videos, if the user does it from a smartphone Samsung. The first phase was activated at the end of 2021 for Korean terminals based on Android 10 or higher version.

The only drawback is that you need a usb c to lightning cable additional to connect the two smartphones. You should also consider that data such as call history and display name are not transferred. The good thing is that any user has the possibility of recovering the typical photos that the aunts send in Tweety’s WhatsApp family groups with a message that says: ‘have a great week everyone’.

Finally, it only remains to remember that you can download Switch to Android by doing click this link or wait for Google to make the adjustment on Google’s official migration site.

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