Yordi Rosado detailed if he had emotional problems during his interviews: “I was worried”

Yordi Rosado detailed if he had emotional problems during his interviews: "I was worried"
Yordi Rsoado celebrated 3 million subscribers on his YouTube account with an unpublished video (Photo: YouTube/@Yordi Rosado)

For more than a decade, the name of Yordi Rosado has been recognized by the national entertainment medium as one of the best contemporary interviewers due to his participation in programs such as Another Roll, It’s Cannon, Members in the Air And several more.

However, as a measure to reach more audiences, the well-known presenter decided to emigrate to Youtube, where you would find true success with your program The Interview with Yordi Rosado.

In this context, last Sunday, August 28, the well-known presenter shared a special named The Interview, the secrets revealed in which he celebrated having completed 100 interviews and three million subscribers, there Yordi recalled some anecdotes within the program, as well as some internal problems that do not stand out in front of the camera.

Among the questions they asked the host of Mexican programs, there was one that caught the attention of the audience: “Have you been mentally affected in any interview?”, the well-known 50-year-old presenter was questioned.

If there have been interviews in which I have not been emotionally well, several. I can tell you two interviews in which I was not having a good time; The one with Julio César Chávez and the one with Michel Vieth, I was in both interviews with personal, emotional, very complicated problems”, he highlighted.

The driver recalled that during those interviews there were times when he was distracted in the middle of an interview by the problems he had in mind: “In fact, at times I was doing the interview and I was leaving because I was worried about something personal,” he stressed.

With "At night" Yordi seeks to talk about a variety of topics: from psychology, trades to party nights (Photo: Televisa)
With “At night” Yordi seeks to talk about a variety of topics: from psychology, trades to party nights (Photo: Televisa)

To conclude, Yordi assured that to maintain professionalism he had to put aside his feelings, because he knew that they were interviews that could only be presented to him once.

The interview with Yordi Rosado emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic and the new forms of entertainment, the host migrated to the YouTube platform, receiving hundreds of celebrities and obtaining some of the best interviews in Mexican entertainment today.

Among the 100 characters that have passed through the ranks of his famous program, he has highlighted the names of Joaquín Cosío, Danna Paola, Eugenio Derbez, Carlos Vives, Julio César Chávez, Juanpa Zurita, Jorge Van Rankin, La Cotorrisa, and several more.

However, not all his interviews have left his guests in a good light, because on more than one occasion the anecdotes of the famous They have uncovered some crimes that have put them in the media eye of social networks.

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Such have been the cases of Luis de Llano, Roberto Palazuelos and Andrés García.

The well-known former producer of Televisa During his talk with Yordi Rosado, he opened the panorama on child complaints in the Mexican entertainment world by talking about his relationship with sasha sokol, who was once his representative and music producer.

For his part, in 2020, the 50-year-old driver received the actor and businessman Robert Palazuelos, who, between talk, laughter and wine, confessed to having participated in a shooting that ended the lives of two people. The fact cost him the candidacy for governor of Quintana Roo for the Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) party.

To finish, Yordi invited the first actor, Andres Garcia who confessed that he had participated in an illegal act, since he had drawn a weapon and fired three times into the air. The driver asked him if he had hurt or killed someone, to which Garcia replied “If I answer that, I have to kill you.”