Yolanda Andrade does not give in and launched herself against Laura Zapata again

Yolanda Andrade attacked Laura Zapata again (Photos: Getty Images)

the driver of Montse and Joe, Yolanda Andradeagain attacked Laura Zapata and it is that through his official Twitter account he shared a YouTubeShort in which a influencer called Paul Pellon was making fun of the actress.

In said video, the man was strongly criticizing the attitude of the sister of Thalia for “feeling the protagonist of everything”, more because he had stood out in networks than the President of the Republic, Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorHe mentioned her in his morning.


Likewise, Yolanda’s tweet said “Laura Zapata. What a laugh” and she had added a gif in which a group of people with the Mexican flag and shirt can be seen, while a young woman dressed in pre-Hispanic times approached them.

The whole problem between the famous began when Laura Zapata called Mexicans “eggs” in an interview for Atypical TVwhich infuriated the protagonist of foreign feelings.


Mexicans are NOT eggs, the egg is you”, Yolanda wrote via Twitter.

It should be noted that in the tweet that he posted yesterday, September 5, against Laura Zapata, he also hit Pati Chapoy, after a user commented on the following:

“In @VentaneandoUno they say that you are wrong that you were going to ask Julio César @ChapoyPati said it just like #bisogno Y@tiopedritosola said “gross”.


To this Yolanda Andrade responded with a photograph of the host of windowing with Gloria Trevi’s ex-husband. In the image you can see both having dinner and in the description it said “Romance Pati Chapoy Y Sergio Andrade”.

In other comments you could see the support for joe and the resounding rejection of Laura Zapata, whom they continue to label as classist.

Laura Chafata insulted a marginalized sector of Mexican society, including the elderly. She should have asked for help from the government, for her grandmother, however, she preferred the DOLLARS of her stepsister @thalia to be able to negotiate with fame and condition aid”; “It’s okay Yolanda that you defend the people of that Laura Zapata witch is classist, racist…. when she is a bitter and maintained old woman who kidnapped herself to get money from Thalía ”, were the words of some users.

And it is that Laura Zapata has been in the eye of the hurricane due to the accusations that point to her as a “bad sister”, since she supposedly only wants to hang on to Thalía’s fortune, whom she recently pointed out as not helping her with expenses. of his grandmother’s funeral.

After all this hubbub, the actress revealed to the press that Thalía should not be friends with Yolandasince he is a “dangerous” person, this is due to the rumors surrounding his family.

“It is not that I have set a limit, I tell her (to Thalía): ‘Hey, well, you already control your little friend, don’t you?’ (…) Imagine what society, the person is dangerous, the person is very dangerous, tremendous things have come out, of fear, I am afraid, of his family, of his father, of his brother, of everything and well, I think that my sister does not need that type of society, “Zapata commented.

Similarly, when this lawsuit began between them, Yolanda Andrade pointed out that Laura Zapata was kept by her sister. “You’ve run out of your corn that Thalía gave you, get to work”, he expressed.

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