The developer behind games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing is currently working on a new game. Yokai Inn is a life sim inspired by Japanese folklore.

Yokai Inn: New Life Sim with farming, cooking and more

Should you be a fan of Studio Ghibli, Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley as well as Japanese folklore, you should definitely take a look at the upcoming indie game Yokai Inn. There you run hotels, restaurants and bathhouses to make the Yokai (spirits of Japanese mythology) as beautiful as possible. As in Stardew Valley, crafting, farming, and cooking will all play a huge role at Yokai Inn.

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Most of the game is the work of a single developer. The finished product from Shiba Pixels is still a long way off, but the developer already gave an insight in an interview with the GameRant website. We summarize for you what you should definitely know.

In the latest trailer you can get an idea of ​​the game:

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Characters, quests, battles, and more

In an interview with GameRant, the developer describes the game as a mix of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon with a touch of open world adventure. Not only crafting, agriculture and the like are waiting for you there, but also numerous cosmetic categories such as masks, different hairstyles and outfits in the future.

Yokai Inn is also about human relationships. There should be at least a dozen characters with whom you can make deep friends, next to the casual friendships that you build with the Yokai companions. However, Kazuya and Satoshi play an important role for you.

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Kazuya is the inn’s head chef and acts as a mentor to you. According to the developer, he is a strict but fair teacher and always wants to offer the best service in the inn. Satoshi is an otter and a new recruit for the Evening Watch, a group that patrols the city to protect residents from evil yokai.

Since the developer is inspired by games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, there should be a healthy mix of a plot and an open world in Yokai Inn. It should Give events and festivals to prepare for, but also a more open progression system similar to Animal Crossing.

Yokai Inn was supposed to play during the Taisho era. A time when Japan began to accept and integrate Western influences. Ghibli films such as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and other films have also inspired him.

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When does the game come out?

So far, the developer is still working on the art style and refining the game design. As soon as he is satisfied with the status, an estimated release date will be given – maybe there is even a beta phase. The shop pages, such as on Steam, will open around the same time.

(Source: GameRant)

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