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Year summary video 2022

Year summary video 2022

In the last month of the year, two materials are usually published, which roughly summarize the events of the given year. One is more market-based, this traditional Christmas recommendation, which is born at the beginning of December, on the one hand to help those who want to buy a phone (or something else) this year, and on the other hand, a good snapshot of what is best offers on the market and how prices have changed.


The other summary approaches the annual performance and changes of the industry from a more technological point of view. We are now publishing this in video form (below) with the caveat that in the next few days there will be a few more materials that will be a kind of closure for 2022, they will focus on one thing at a time (like the list of the most read tests this year), the annual review is more of a video it can be consumed in its form (or it can also be played in the background, because visually it is quite plain).


Together with all of this, we would like to thank our readers (and our viewers and radio listeners) for their attention throughout the year, we thank our partners and advertisers for keeping us alive this year, everyone keep your good habits in 2023, we will be here.

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