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Xiaomi: that’s why the company no longer makes compact flagships

Xiaomi: that's why the company no longer makes compact flagships

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We know that the mobile telephony market has now taken a very specific direction with regard to large smartphones. It seems that everyone is crazy about the so-called “pans” and small and compact devices no one wants them anymore. A pity because there is still a (small) circle of people who would appreciate small flagships. It would be a dream to see an iPhone 14 Pro mini, a Galaxy S23 Ultra mini, a OnePlus 11 mini and so on. In today’s news, we find out that Xiaomi, a well-known international telephony brand, which produces smartphones in all price ranges, has decided that it no longer intends to invest in “small” gadgets. It will only make “big” products. This was reported by the CEO of the company in a post on the Internet, in which he explains the reasons for this decision.

Because Xiaomi no longer invests in compact flagships

During a series of Q&A placed on Weibo to the Xiaomi executive, Lei Jun, we find out what is the real reason why the company will no longer produce compact premium smartphones. Responding to a user, the official declares that Xiaomi 13 is already an excellent option, as big as the rival iPhone 14, but that he does not intend to build smaller devices, as was, for example, the excellent Xiaomi 12 (which by the way, found on Amazon at a bargain price: only €430.00).

Furthermore, Lei Jun reiterated that he does not want to produce compact smartphones in a very clear way: people who want contained flagships are… few. Simple. There isn’t much demand… and even Apple is well aware of it, given that it had to remove the “mini iPhones” from its price list after only two years. It makes no sense to invest huge sums of money to produce flagship phones that nobody buys.

By now the direction has been traced: the market is going in a very precise direction. We have to get used to seeing more and more frying pans and less and less delicious pocket smartphones. If you are interested in something compact, you should focus on a Xiaomi 12 from 2022, also because it costs very little today: only 430€ on Amazon with shipping costs included.

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