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Xiaomi tests “Pure Mode” for MIUI to block sideloading Android apps

Xiaomi MIUI pure mode, Xiaomi tests "Pure Mode" for MIUI , Xiaomi MIUI 12

Xiaomi is allegedly testing a mode for the Android variant MIUI. It is no longer possible to install APK files. The new “pure mode” for MIUI is intended to prevent accidental installations and potential malware risks.

  • Xiaomi is apparently testing a “Pure Mode” for MIUI
  • However, this “pure mode” would be optional and could be activated and deactivated as desired
  • The beta phase is limited to China for the time being

The Chinese medium ITHome reported on September 3rd that Xiaomi is currently recruiting internal employees to test a “Pure Mode” in MIUI. The function is intended to enable users to block the sideloading of applications on Xiaomi smartphones. Specifically, this would prevent the installation of an APK from unofficial sources and outside the official app stores.


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Still, sideloading is a widespread practice on Android and one of the great advantages over Apple’s iOS. Almost all of us have already installed the latest beta version of an application by downloading its APK from APKPure or APKMirror.

But according to Xiaomi, at least as quoted by ITHome, 40% of the APKs downloaded to smartphones do not pass the security check. At least 10 percent are considered to be risky applications.

The pure mode should ensure more safety

The main purpose of this new model is to avoid risks from accidental APK downloads, tampering, and background installations. The mode is completely optional and activation depends on the benevolence of the user.

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Xiaomi Mi 11, Xiaomi MIUI pure mode
Xiaomi’s smartphones could become safer through pure mode! / © NextPit

Xiaomi has not yet announced a date for the introduction of “Pure Mode”. The beta phase, which is initially limited to China, started on September 6th for a duration of 5 days with 1,000 smartphones and 1,000 different testers per day. Security issues related to APKs also exist in Europe, of course, but these are less pronounced as the official stores are still the most widely used sources for downloading and installing applications.


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