Xiaomi prepares 210W charger that fills the battery in about 8 minutes

Xiaomi prepares 210W charger that fills the battery in about 8 minutes

Xiaomi seems to be getting closer and closer to surpassing any competitor by launching a charger for smartphones that supports an impressive 210 watts (W) of power, allowing you to recharge a cell phone in less than 8 minutes.

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New certifications issued by regulatory bodies in China reveal that the power adapter with model number MDY-13-EU has been approved with a maximum limit of 20 volts and 10.5 amps, totaling 210 W of power to recharge the smartphone in less time.

Xiaomi demonstrated HyperCharge technology in action in May 2021, showing a prototype Xiaomi 11 Pro with 4,000mAh battery being recharged in 8 minutes.

Xiaomi already showed off 200W charging technology in 2021, but rapid battery degradation compromised launch (Image: Reproduction/Xiaomi)

A month later, the manufacturer confirmed that the technology degrades the battery of smartphones more quickly and that, at the moment, it would bet on lower-power solutions to deliver longer battery life to its devices.

After a year, Vivo Mobile introduced the iQOO 10 Pro with support for the unprecedented 200W charging to the consumer market. With a 4,550 mAh battery, the device goes from 0 to 100% in just 12 minutes of charge.

It is still impossible to guarantee which Xiaomi phone will be the first to use its 210 W charging technology – thus surpassing the mark reached by iQOO –, but news related to the device should emerge soon.

Source: 3C, via Xiaomiui