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Xiaomi new Tablet coming soon, could be the rival of iPad pro 2021

Xiaomi new tablet, xiaomi new mi pad, rival of ipad pro 2021

Xiaomi offers a variety of consumer electronics at different prices, but tablets are a market where they basically don’t exist. Apple rules the tablet market around the world and rolled out its iPad pro 2021. With the exception of Samsung, no Android phone maker really tries to compete with Apple, especially in the high-end market. Based on the evidence we got from trusted vendors, we believe that Xiaomi’s new tablet will be out soon as the company is developing at least three new high-end Android tablets.

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When we checked the decompiled code of multiple applications of the MIUI 12.5 system, we found multiple references to three devices with the names “Nabu”, “Enuma” and “elish”. We see that these three code names are all referenced in methods like “isPad”, which indicates that certain MIUI applications will display certain functions on the tablet. Also, the latest Alpha version of the MIUI Home app includes a new settings page to demonstrate system navigation on a tablet.


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Xiaomi Tablet specs (Rumored)

More advice from people familiar with the matter indicates that these tablets will be compatible with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 series processors, so we are talking about high-end devices in terms of performance levels.

Based on the code found, the “enuma” model appears to support voice calls, indicating that the device will support cellular connections via 4G LTE or even 5G.

All three tablets are said to provide IPS LCD screens with a 2560 x 1600 resolution. It has been emphasized that the “nabu” model has a 10.97-inch screen, and the next three tablets are rumored to offer a refresh rate of 120Hz, proving once again that they will become advanced devices.


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We have heard rumors about Xiaomi’s upcoming high-end tablet launch, and Mi Pad 5 is one of the names. In fact, company executives have already documented that Xiaomi hopes to re-enter the tablet market as well.

Although we already have companies like Samsung and Amazon offering alternative products for those who want non-Apple tablets, the market will definitely use more tablets; once Xiaomi new tablet is officially launched, we will let you know.

Article Source: TechRadar

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