Xiaomi Mix Fold3: unveiled its INCREDIBLE processor

The next foldout of Xiaomi will arrive shortly; it will be called Mix Fold3 and will feature the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 under the body. This particular chipset iteration is expected to run at a clock frequency of 3.36GHz, according to the rumors.

Let’s go in order: in a few days Xiaomi will announce brand new premium products for the international market. Some will be exclusive to China, others will also land here. Everything is silent on the foldable at the moment, but we know it will be an exceptional flagship. Under the body, according to reports, we find that it will feature a very powerful overclocked chipset. Will it be the premium version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 that we saw in the flagships at the beginning of the year?

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Xiaomi Mix Fold3: what do we know?

Returning to the company, in a few weeks, the company will be revealing more products; let’s think of the Redmi Pad 2, allo Xiaomi Pad 6 (although the latter already is available from us on Amazon at the price of € 399.99) and to the Mx Fold3. From the reports we see that it will feature the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with a maximum frequency of 3.36 Ghz. In a nutshell it will be very powerful and will be able to run any title on the Play Store without lag or problems. Taking into account that the basic chipset operates at 3.32 GHz. The SoC will then be supported by 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB of internal memory and will have a 4800 mAh super battery with 67W fast charge and 50W wireless charging. There will also be a new hinge that will increase the strength of the device itself and reduce the gaps between the panel and the frame. In addition, it will be lighter than the previous one and will be certified and water resistant. The 6.56-inch external screen with FullHD + with 120Hz refresh rate and internally there will be an 8.02-inch QuadHD + panel.

The main camera will be a Sony IMX800 assisted by other lenses of various kinds; we will also find an optics with periscopic zoom and 10Z optical zoom and a 3.2X tele. Basically there will be Android 13 with MIUI 14 skin. We hope to see it in Europe, but for the moment the company’s CEO has not reported any plans. What do you think about it?

Source: Weibo

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