Xiaomi Mi Note 11 release date, expected features and price

About two years ago, Xiaomi launched a series of new CC9 mobile phones in China. It eventually became the Mi Note 10 in Europe and Spain. Now the first feature of CC10 (its successor, which can logically become Mi Note 11) has been leaked, and you will see that they seem interesting.

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The characteristic of this Chinese company is that the scope is widening and the variety is increasing. Among a large number of new devices, despite some delays, we can still find a new generation of Mi Note.



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Xiaomi Mi Note 11 Specs

The first details of Xiaomi Mi Note 11 (CC10) are already known in China. This phone will definitely come with other Pro versions. One of the most active users of the Chinese social network Weibo revealed that the Xiaomi Mi CC10 will be equipped with one of the most powerful Qualcomm processors. While talking about the Snapdragon 870, and we can describe it as an improvement from the Snapdragon 865+ last year. So of course, it is a real superior phone.

The source says that there will be a flexible screen in Mi Note 11. Another leaked feature of this phone is that it has a 4360 mAh battery, which seems a bit less. But this in turn can increase the charging speed. Because we have seen that these smaller batteries usually have a very fast charging system, especially when we talk about half the autonomy.

It seems that the Chinese company initially did not intend to launch such a powerful mobile phone, or at least it did not launch a modern mobile phone. As we know, the original plan was to start the phone with an older processor in the past. Mi CC9 model of Xiaomi came from cooperation with Meitu, which has been suspended until now. It seems that this new relationship will bring this model back.



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If you are in Europe, you will call it Xiaomi Mi Note 11. Although, there are multiple models that currently available in the brand’s market. We would not be surprised if it launches with another name. Remember that Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is Xiaomi’s first mobile phone equipped with a powerful 108-megapixel camera in Europe. Now they can repeat the same thing and may come with a larger 192 or 200-megapixel camera.

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