Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro specs leak: does Xiaomi break the fast charging record in Europe?

Xiaomi Mi 11T pro specs, Mi 11T Pro price, Mi 11T Pro release date

Recent rumors about the Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro specs suggest that it supports 120-watt quick charging. This would mean that the Chinese manufacturer would offer the first cell phone in Europe with such high charging speeds. What else is new about the Mi 11T Pro, you can read below.

  • The leak comes from a Vietnam-based tech media company
  • Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro could hit the market in September for around 530 euros (excluding taxes)
  • Snapdragon 888, 120 Hz screen and 120-watt charge – the price-performance ratio is promising

The latest leak on the Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro comes from “The Pixel”, a YouTube channel for technology topics. In the video, the channel with almost 120,000 subscribers focuses on the price-performance ratio of the Mi 11T Pro, which would be hard to beat on the European market.

Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro specs

Because according to The Pixel, the Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro could bring a “Snapdragon 888” SoC, a 120Hz OLED display, a 5000 mAh battery, and support for ultra-fast 120 W charging. Compared to the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro, which was released last year and already offered excellent value for money, this would be a big step forward for Xiaomi.


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The manufacturer would finally replace the 144 Hz LCD panel with an OLED screen, but this detail seems almost irrelevant compared to the assumed 120-watt charge. Chinese manufacturers have been in a technological arms race for ever-shorter loading times for over two years. Xiaomi has been announcing its 120-watt charge for almost a year. Should this leak be confirmed, the Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro would be the first device in Europe to offer such a fast-charging function.

Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro price

The Pixel’s video continues its predictions by mentioning the price of the Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro, which is said to be between 13 and 15 million dongs. That would be around 530 euros without taxes. Last year, the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro was introduced in Germany at an MSRP of 599 euros. On paper, this corresponds to the price/performance ratio of a Realme GT.

Like every leak, the video published on August 19th should be viewed with great caution. The American websites that published this “information” likely relied on the automatically generated subtitles on Youtube. However, The Pixel does not clearly state its sources.

Via: XDA Developers
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