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Xbox: You can play Game Pass games without downloading them

Promised several weeks ago, Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series for all Xbox Game Pass games Ultimate subscribers.

Game Pass games

The Share button and the new sticks // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

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Testing with members of the Xbox Insider program has been going well for several weeks. Microsoft is therefore announcing the availability of an expected function: Xbox Cloud Gaming on Xbox consoles: Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X. It may seem counterintuitive to use cloud gaming on game consoles already able to run the latest titles, but this has several advantages.


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What is the interest of Xbox Cloud Gaming on consoles?

First of all, this new feature allows Xbox One consoles to have access to games next-gen only available on new consoles like The Medium and soon Flight Simulator. Microsoft has confirmed that Flight Simulator will be available in early 2022 in cloud gaming. In these times of great console shortages, it is convenient to be able to access new games without having the new console. It also increases the life of old machines, which is always good to take.

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Another advantage: save space on the console. If there’s a game you want to play with friends occasionally, like the Outriders co-op game, you can do it in cloud gaming without taking up unnecessary space on your console the rest of the time. For games that weigh more and more tens of GB, and on consoles that have little space, especially the Xbox Series S, this can completely change the experience of the machine.

There is finally the fact of being able test games without waiting for the download. If you want to test Forza Horizon 5 without downloading the 100 GB installation game, you can do it in just a few steps thanks to cloud gaming. What to get a quick opinion on a title, before possibly installing it overnight.

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How to access streaming games?

Xbox Cloud Gaming is available on Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X consoles now. To access it, you must be subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. A cloud icon appears in the interface next to the “play” action to signify that a game is available in cloud gaming.

Cloud Gaming Xbox screenshots (1) Cloud Gaming Xbox screenshots (2) Cloud Gaming Xbox screenshots (3)


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At the moment, only a selection of games from Xbox Game Pass are compatible. Microsoft is adding it monthly, and removing it as well. The company also promised in 2019 to allow access to games purchased from the Xbox Store outside of Xbox Game Pass. The brand never spoke up on this promise.

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