Xbox Live Gold is giving away these games for April 2022

The time has come to get the most out of the Xbox subscription system , the console manufactured by Microsoft. Like every month, the Xbox Live Gold platform is giving away several titles to those who have an active subscription. We tell you what the games are for this opportunity. Take a good look at the date, because the releases are staggered and you run the risk of losing the download opportunity.


xbox live gold offers the community multiplayer games, free games, discounts on the title catalog and more. Additionally, Xbox One owners will be able to share Gold benefits with all users on the main console.

Let’s see what are the offers for April in xbox live gold.

Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One


Another Sight (available between April 1 and 30)

ANOTHER SIGHT is a surreal fantasy adventure with steampunk elements set in 1899 London, towards the end of the Victorian era. Emphasizing culture and character, ANOTHER SIGHT focuses on the emotional development of the relationship between its two protagonists, Kit, an unexpectedly fearless teenager, and Hodge, a mysterious ginger cat. They meet in the dark at a London Underground construction site, just after Kit loses her sight in a tunnel she was exploring collapses. They form a team and venture into the unknown. Hodge proves to be an indispensable companion that Kit will have to rely on.


Hue (available between April 16 and May 15)

Hue is a vibrant, award-winning puzzle platformer where you can modify the world by changing the color of its background. You explore a dangerous gray land, unearthing colored shards on your quest to find your missing mother. When the obstacles match the background, they disappear, creating fascinating new puzzles, full of danger, mystery, and… colors never seen before.

Xbox 360 (compatible with new consoles)

Outpost Kaloki X (available between April 1 and 15)


Everyone loves galactic lemonade, and thanks to that you are going to get rich! But how are you going to power your lemonade stand? We will have to build a solar mill. But how are you going to pay it if you have no money? Outpost Kaloki X is a space finance game packed with witty characters and fun storylines. Your job is to satisfy alien customers and earn money! Play the adventure story, the war story, or any of 11 different scenarios.

MX vs ATV Alive (available between April 16 and 30)

Own the competition as you battle for position with closely contested races in the fifth iteration of the MX vs ATV franchise. Feel the realism of the revolutionary real-world physics engine that has defined the racing genre. The game captures the spectacle of motocross and the essence of competitive racing while featuring the best riders and equipment from the latest manufacturers.

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