X-Men: Kevin Feige talks about the arrival of the heroes in the MCU

During the film premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in the United States, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was questioned by a reporter from deadline about the arrival of the X-Men in the MCU. However, few unpublished details on the matter were revealed.


“That’s what Jennifer Walters [vivida por Tatiana Maslany] asked the robot in the final episode of She-Hulk and I’m going to give you the same answer he did: no answer,” Feige joked. “But you know, there’s Deadpool and Wolverine, so we’re getting really close,” he said.

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Since Disney acquired most of Fox’s assets, the rights to the X-Men have returned to Marvel’s hands. Therefore, many fans are anxious to know when these heroes will make their debut in the MCU, in view of the clues left by Feige’s team in some productions.

It is worth remembering that during the final episode of Ms. MarvelFor example, Bruno (Matt Lintz) revealed to Kamala (Iman Vellani) about his research involving the young heroine’s genes. In this sense, instead of being presented as an inhuman, according to the comics, the writers suggested that, in fact, she consists of a mutant.

X-Men: What do we already know about Deadpool’s meeting with Wolverine?


In addition to the text of Ms. Marvel and the main X-Men theme played at the end of the final episode, other clues have also been dropped in more MCU series recently. in an episode of She-Hulkit was possible to notice a small reference that evidences the existence of Wolverine in this cinematic universe.

Amid the news already released by Marvel, there is the announcement that in the next Deadpool movie, the anti-hero played by Ryan Reynolds will meet Logan. However, there is little concrete information about this new project, which is expected to debut in November 2024.

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According to Rhett Reese, one of the screenwriters of the feature film, in an interview with Den of Geek, there is a lot of creative freedom being granted for the production. “I think they’ve been incredibly supportive of us because we’ve been apart for a long time and they saw that we could also be very successful,” he explained.

Undoubtedly, the meeting between these two characters will be crucial for the development of the X-Men in the MCU.

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