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X-Men: All Movies, From Worst to Best (Ranking)

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It is quite likely that, in the coming years, the X-Men finally be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the recent announcement that Wolverine himself will appear in the film deadpool 3the chances of these mutants appearing soon are much higher.

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Despite this, it is worth remembering that, in recent decades, some projects were launched with these heroes. Between official trilogies and spin-offs, the productions caught the public’s attention in different ways.

In this way, we have organized a ranking of these films, from the worst to the best, according to the ratings given by critics and fans on the site. Rotten Tomatoes.

Check out the result below!

13. X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

The first film on the list made headlines on major entertainment portals as the franchise’s worst debut, achieving only 22% approval in the Rotten Tomatoes on your first weekend.

With a different development that caused estrangement from the public, the production is focused on the origins of Jean Gray (Sophie Turner) powers and how she turned into a Dark Phoenix.

12. The New Mutants (2020)

Although dark phoenix had a low reputation mainly with the specialized critic, the last film released by the franchise managed to be a disappointment in every way, also failing at the box office.

The narrative turns to five young mutants who are still trying to deal with the discovery of their powers, as well as countless traumas linked, above all, by the secret institution of Dr. Cecilia Reyes (Alice Braga).

11. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

The first X-Men spin-off also serves as a prelude to the 2000s trilogy, showing, as its title suggests, the origin of the mutant Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). At the box office, the film managed to earn just over double its $150 million budget. Despite this, the critics did not like the production so much and massacred it in the Rotten Tomatoes.

10. X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Counting on the performance of Oscar Isaac in the role of the titular villain, in this film, the audience follows with the young vision of most mutants, such as Jean Gray herself, Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) and also Storm (Alexandra Shipp). The feature did well at the box office during the time it was in theaters, but that did not prevent the majority of the public from leaving the theaters dissatisfied.

9. X-Men 3: The Last Stand (2006)

Here we have a great example of a controversial film, as the audience is divided on all terms, as well as the critics. At the box office, the feature earned US$ 460.4 million and at the Rotten Tomatoes the production passed with 57% on the Tomatometer. In this final confrontation, many elements of the narrative were read as confusing, but, overall, the outcome was convincing.

8. Wolverine immortal (2013)

In general terms, having Hugh Jackman again in the lead of a film in the franchise X-Men, by itself, would already guarantee an interesting box office. And that’s exactly what happened, as the film managed to earn about four times its budget. Despite this, the script did not have any significant appeal. However, the action scenes ended up making up for it quite a bit.

7. X-Men (2000)

The first X-Men movie is held in a special place in the heart of every fan of these mutant heroes. Introducing the conflicts of the characters, in the cast you can find stars like Patrick Stewart in the role of Professor Xavier, Ian McKellen as Magneto, Halle Berry as Storm, Anna Paquin as Rogue and even Rebecca Romijn as Mystique. There is no doubt that this is a classic, right?

6. deadpool 2 (2018)

When Marvel announced that Wolverine would be present in the new Deadpool movie, many were curious to know how the group of mutants connects to the antihero who breaks the fourth wall. Well, it turns out that, in the comics, mercenary Wade Winston Wilson had signed up for the Weapon X program as a test subject.

So it’s fair to say that, while not fully connected, the early Deadpool movies are also part of the X-Men franchise. Thus, it occupies the 6th position in our ranking, with 84% approval in the Rotten Tomatoes.

5. X-Men 2 (2003)

Returning better than their debut, the X-Men made history with their second film, perhaps the most popular of all. In the plot, Professor X, Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops (James Marsden) and Jean Gray (Famke Janssen) have to deal with the plan of William Stryker (Brian Cox), who wants to end the existence of all mutants.

4. Deadpool (2016)

Grossing a mere $782.6 million worldwide, the first anti-hero movie with mutant ties caught the public’s attention in every way. The feature film introduced the character to those who didn’t yet know him and also brought very interesting narrative development issues to the cinema.

3. X-Men: First Class (2011)

Starting the new mutant trilogy, the heroes that the public already knew, both from the comics and the movies of the early 2000s, were repackaged. New actors and actresses have been cast to play them, such as Professor Xavier himself (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr, aka Magneto (Michael Fassbender).

Thus, taking place during the early 1960s, in First classviewers follow more about the origin of these two iconic characters, as well as the creation of the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants.

two. X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

Soon after the release of the second film of the second official trilogy, fans of the X-Men did not take long to realize that they were in front of a masterpiece.

Featuring a narrative wrapped in time travel and many of the audience’s most beloved heroes, Wolverine must avoid a catastrophic event. It all happens because of the scientist Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) who, in the past, created gigantic robots called Sentinels to exterminate mutants.

1. logan (2017)

To close the list, one of the most acclaimed films in the franchise, which won 94% approval in the Rotten Tomatoes. In addition, at the box office, the production also managed to be a success, grossing over $600 million.

In the plot, set in 2024, Wolverine goes to great lengths to protect the young mutant Laura Kinney (Dafne Keen), better known as X-23. It is also the first superhero film nominated for Best Screenplay at the Oscars. Amazing, no?

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