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World Pizza Day with YouTube: How to be the best video creator

World Pizza Day with YouTube: How to be the best video creator
Argentina increased the search for content related to this dish since 2022 according to the Google video platform. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson/File Photo/File Photo

After having been declared an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the Unesco In the year 2017, every February 9 is celebrated the World Day of the Pizza and, according to data collected by YouTube, searches for content related to the preparation of this meal have increased and in particular in the territory Argentinian.

The information on the video platform developed by Google indicates that the most prominent queries include questions: “how do you do pizza homemade”, “how to make Neapolitan pizza”, “how to prepare pizza dough” and “how to make sourdough for pizza”, which increased its frequency from the middle of the year 2022 and it continues to this day.

This search for content increases the exposure they have creators of the platform who generate videos and publications related to the world of cooking in which tips, recipes, procedures and useful tips are shared for people who like the idea of ​​cooking their food starting from scratch with the ingredients basic and without the need to buy dough or pre-cooked accessories.

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Some channels, like Gluten Morgenincreased the reach of their videos thanks to the fact that they bring together different chefs professionals who share recipes and tips related to this dish of Italian origin. The space, which currently has more than 546,000 subscribers has a very popular video in which he collaborates with the chef luigi di domenicowho is also a content creator, in which he shares some of his secrets for cooking what he considers “the best pizza”.

The Gluten Morgen YouTube channel offers content dedicated to pizzas and how to cook this dish.  (Catch/Gluten Morgen)
The Gluten Morgen YouTube channel offers content dedicated to pizzas and how to cook this dish. (Catch/Gluten Morgen)

However, this channel is not only an exhibition or tutorial on how to cook this type of food, but is accompanied by anecdotes and previous experiences on what it is like to try pizza around the world and which own recipes have been tested to achieve the most appropriate combination of ingredients for each case.

Another of the spaces content creation popular and which has more than 348,000 subscribers on the platform is the channel of “Cuck-it!” directed by Marina and Nico, who share a series of recipes for different foods such as tortillas, pastas and different types of pizza that can be prepared at home for any of the users who want to try different cooking recipes pizza with different kitchen implements.

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In the published videos, which accumulate more than 45 million views in total and that came to generate an active community on the internet that exceeds a million people as indicated by both content creatorsonly the pizza videos show different ways of preparation, from how you can use a mold, pizza without kneading, how to prepare sourdough to have a soft pizza and even how to use the pan to cook this meal.

cuk-it!  youtube channel
cuk-it! youtube channel

Matias Chavero is another of the most prominent creators that offers recipes for various types of pizza to its community of more than 1.4 million of subscribers on the channel Youtube that bears his name. In this space, he also brings ideas for those who want to make a business out of cooking.

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Youtube has further promoted the content of the Shorts section, which is why various content creators have adapted their production to even shorter vertical formats and that can increase interactions with their community, in addition to increasing their monetization earnings.

An example of this type is that of Ailu Tokman, a creator who shares her recipes through videos in Shorts and the second most viewed on her channel exceeds 8 million views.

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