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World Cup Qatar 2022, the Peruvian team and more trends of the week in Google Peru

The absence of the Peruvian team from the world of FIFA in Qatar does not represent an impediment for fans of the football look for information about the tournament during the last week from November 17, before the opening, until the 24th of this month.

Google Trendsthe technology company’s tool dedicated to the graphic representation of the statistics collected by the service of search of informationindicates that since the beginning of the tournament on November 20, peaks of search every day from 5 in the morning, the time the tournament matches start.

On the other hand, the peruvian team and their last friendly matches of the year against South American rivals before the start of the world They were also part of the trends of search in recent days among users of Peru.

The World Cup was a trend in Google Peru searches. (Google)
The World Cup was a trend in Google Peru searches. (Google)

Regarding the regions that sought greater information about the tournament organized by FIFA in Qatarthe one that has the greatest interaction with this type of content is Limewith 100 points according to Googlewhich indicates a greater number of terms of search related. To complete the top 5 of territories with the greatest linking of this type of content from the Google platform, the regions of Ucayali (93), Amazonas (93), Cajamarca (93) and San Martín (92)

In addition, users from Peru are actively looking for information on Lionel Messi Y Cristiano Ronaldo, both considered the best players in the world who would be playing the fifth and last World Cup of their careers. Others athletes Also drawing the attention of the country’s audience were Kevin De Bruyne, Karim Benzema (who will miss the tournament due to injury), the young Japanese Takefusa Kubo, Manuel Neuer and the rookies in the tournament, PedroMusiala and Gavi.

Particularly queries such as “tomorrow who is playing in the World Cup”, “who is playing today in the world”, “World Cup results Qatar 2022″, “free soccer world tv 2022 live” and “world matches tomorrow” have presented a great increase as terms of search registering more than 3,950% increase due to the interest of Peruvians to learn more about the results of the matches because the channel latin does not broadcast all matches live.

The Peruvian team was a trend in Google Peru searches. (Google)
The Peruvian team was a trend in Google Peru searches. (Google)

The Peruvian team and its players were a trend

The team of Peruwhich does not participate in the World Cup in Qatar It was also a trend in the first days of the week due to its matches against Paraguayan Y bolivian before the start of the World Cup and in which the new coach of the country, Juan Reynosodirected his first game as coach of the red and white team as a local.

The maximum peak of popularity was obtained prior to the start of the World Cup, when Peru faced Bolivia in Arequipa and obtained a 1-0 victory with a goal from attacker Luis Iberico. According to Google, that match aroused curiosity to learn more about the new members of the team. “Piero Quispe Age” was one of the most frequently asked questions in the search engine due to the good performance that the player from academic.

Among the regions with the highest number of searches Related to the Peruvian team these days are Madre de Dios with 100 points, while the top 5 is completed by San Martín (94), Loreto (85), Huancavelica (83) and Arequipa (69).

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