Wordle in Spanish: a million players a day and theme words, the game boom continues

Wordle in Spanish: a million players a day and theme words, the game boom continues

wordle is a game that was born as a gift from the software engineer Josh Wardle to his girlfriend Palak Shah. A few months later he went public and quickly gained popularity. At the beginning of 2022 it was bought by The New York Times, causing quite a stir. It was originally released to guess an English word, however there is also a Spanish version.

The creator of the game in Spanish was Daniel Rodriguezwho said in an interview for Xataka that subscribers have been increasing since the first moment it was launched and that some words are thematic.

Four months after the premiere of Wordle in Spanish. Daniel has programmed some words that have winked at special dates, such as the term “titan” that came out in relation to the premiere of the “last” season of the anime series Attack on Titan (The attack of the Titans).

The same thing happened with “Nadal”, which was the day after Rafael Nadal made a great comeback on the field in his game against Daniil Medvedev. However, some of the players criticized the decision, considering that “Nadal is not a word as suchbut a proper name.

Another example of the winks that Rodríguez speaks was “home” which came out on Mother’s Day in Spain (May 1). The word “support” was dedicated to World Cancer Day, and this was suggested by La Vecina Rubia, an influencer who helped increase the fame of the game in Spanish.

And speaking of influencers who have given Wordle in Spanish a boost, there is El Rubius, who on some occasions has played it in streaming with his followers, who have started playing after seeing his content creator do it.

Although the Spanish version of the game has had a wide range in a short time, it seems that no one has yet been interested in making a purchase offer, as it was with its English version. At the moment it has programmatic advertising with the option to be deactivated.

According to the data reviewed by the aforementioned media, on average about 1 million people play it daily on the web. In April it reached a million and a half, but it has not reached that level of popularity in recent months. Usually on Mondays is when there are more interested in solving it and during the weekends the interest falls.

Tips and tricks for playing Wordle

always start with the same word

Although success is not guaranteed, always starting with the same word can be an opening strategy for every game. In the end, you could choose the right word on the first try. There are users on Reddit, TikTok and YouTube who have done statistical analysis on the frequency of the letters and their data can be used as a resource.

Always start with a different word

Vary and try something new in each game. This is the strategy of writer John Green. “My Wordle strategy is to start each puzzle with a word that I haven’t used before”Green said by email. “I know it’s not the ideal strategy or even a good strategy, but I like it,” he added. “I almost always make it in four, which is perfect for me because the stress of the fifth and sixth attempts is almost unbearable.”

Start with a word that has many vowels

Some Wordle players have found success by start with a word that has several vowels. For example “adieu”, “audio” or “canoe” can be good alternatives because at least three of their five letters are vowels.

(With information from The New York Times)