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Word on Mac: how it can be downloaded easily and simply

Although Word It is microsoftthe rival company of Manzanait’s possible install the program on a Mac and create or edit documents without any difference to how they are used on a PC. The steps are very simple to follow.


The only thing you have to do to get Microsoft Word on a Mac is to access this link: and download the program, it will only be necessary write the username (Apple ID) and password.

Once installed it will have to be activated. Unfortunately Word isn’t free, so you’ll need to pay for an Office subscription or pay for the software and enter the credentials to be able to start using Word from Mac.


On the Internet there are some sites that supposedly give away credentials, however, it is not certain that they work, and if they are contained in a file, there could be malicious files, so It is not recommended that users enter data obtained on unofficial or suspicious pages.

For those who don’t want to pay for Word, they can use the Mac alternative is called “Pages”. It offers several similar functions. In this case only it’s a matter of getting used to using this new interface.


Another option is to use Google Docs, however, to use it and create files it will be necessary to have an Internet connection. The functions of Docs are very similar to those of Word and it also has additional tools such as autocomplete texts, the possibility that several users edit a text at the same time, among others.

Use Word on iPhone or iPad

The devices iPhone Y iPad Apple also have downloadable versions of Word, as well as Excel and Power Point, however, to use them, as on Mac, it is necessary to have a Microsoft user. Once the data has been entered, Office documents can be edited, opened and saved.

As you can see, in all cases it is necessary to buy thes programs or have a Microsoft subscriptionwhich additionally provides a space in the cloud for customers to save their files.


It should be noted that in case of making individual purchases of the applications, these will be considered unique and cannot be shared or used on other devices. In this sense, a subscription to Microsoft Office or the free alternatives to write documents could be a more affordable option.

What to do so as not to lose a document if the Word tab was closed

First, you have to run the program in the usual way. Then go to the settings page that Office has to customize the behavior of the text editor. This is achieved by simply going to the menu Archive of the main interface of Word and selecting the input options that will be seen on the screen.

In the left pane of the window, enter Save. The first thing to change is the auto save time. In this way, if there is a sudden error with the computer or with said program, the data will not be lost because the file has been recently recorded.

But that’s not all, but at the same time a disk path can be specified for backup files to be saved.

In this way, the corresponding temporary files can be located immediately in case something goes wrong in the pc or Word suddenly closes.

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