Woody Allen gives his opinion on the Rubiales case: “He should apologize for kissing the soccer player, but he did not burn a school”

Woody Allen, present at the Venice Festival with his 50th film, titled Stroke of luck, has given his opinion on the controversy surrounding Luis Rubiales, the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) currently suspended in response to the kiss he gave the Spanish national team player Jennifer Beautiful during the World Cup medal ceremony.

The New York filmmaker has ruled on the controversy in an interview with the Spanish newspaper The world, where you are asked directly for it. “Well, I only know what was in the paper,” she replies. “My first thought is that they didn’t hide, nor did he kiss her in a dark alley. He wasn’t raping her, it was just a kiss and she was a friend. What’s wrong with that? At first reporting we didn’t know if the woman pulled away from her and she said, ‘Don’t do that.’

“In any case, it is difficult to understand that a person can lose their job and be penalized in this way for kissing someone,” he continues. “If it was inappropriate or too aggressive, You have to tell him clearly not to do that and to apologize. It’s not like he killed anyone.”

“As an average citizen, he was wrong, he did the wrong thing… but it wasn’t like he burned down a school.” In conclusion, Allen considers that Rubiales should “apologize and assure that he will not do it again. And once that’s done, both move on.”

A few days after the events and the public outrage they caused, FIFA provisionally suspended Rubiales of “all soccer-related activities at the national and international level” for 90 days. For his part, he Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) opened a file for an infraction classified as “serious”.

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