Withings introduced a urine analysis device

Withings’ latest innovation is the U-Scan, which actually looks like a designer and discreet toilet freshener, but its task is to analyze urine. After proper placement, the device operates contact-free, analyzes the sample placed on it and provides various data regarding the composition of the urine. U-Scan’s companion application not only displays and summarizes the data, but also provides users with advice based on the results.


U-Scan will be available with two types of sampling units. THE The Nutri Balance cartridge monitors parameters related to hydration and metabolic processes, including the level of vitamin C and the amount of ketones in the urine, the latter of which can be particularly useful in the case of diabetes, And Cycle Sync is the first hormone-based, non-invasive cycle analyzer solution that analyzes female hormones, pH values ​​and other factors relevant to the female cycle.


The essence of U-Scan is that it can examine many factors in home conditions, which until now were only possible in laboratory conditions and with potential contact with the sample. U-Scan will be launched in the second quarter of 2023, first in Europe, at a planned consumer price of 499.95 euros. The basic package includes a sample analysis cassette, which must be replaced after three months. The unit price of the additional cassettes has not yet been announced by the manufacturer, but it seems that they are also thinking about a subscription solution.

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