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With these programs you can create backup copies for computer files

  Programs to make backups (Photo: Pixabay)
Programs to make backups (Photo: Pixabay)

Now that most of the important and necessary information for people has migrated almost completely to the systems, it becomes more important than ever to have backup copies of the files that are stored on the computers, either because the equipment is damaged and needs a format or because something has been deleted by mistake. For example, making backups of the photos of the last walk can be very convenient or else, sooner or later they will be lost.

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It is for all these reasons that it is so important to create backup copies, either through external hard drives that can withstand huge amounts of storage or with the help of programs created for these purposes.

However, if you go for the latter option, there are a few key things to keep in mind when using backups. On the one hand, the platform must allow the option of make copies of complete internal memories or by foldersand on the other hand, it is important that it offers the option of schedule backup runs every so often, for example every week, fortnightly or monthly.

It is for all these reasons that TechMarkup made a list of some of the programs available on the Internet to make backup copies and thus avoid accidents.

Uranium Backup

This program aims to be one of the best in terms of data protection on the Internet, its services are suitable both for domestic spaces as well as for professional needs.

Among its functions are the realization of all kinds of backup copies, programming so that updates are made in the copies every certain period of time and the possibility of accessing from a remote device. A negative aspect of this program is that many options that could be useful are found in its paid versions.

Aomei Backupper Standard

According to its users, the best thing about this program is that although it is free, it does not present any type of advertisingso it is very easy to use since its interface is not clogged with ads.

Among the main features of Aomei are the creation of backup copies for entire hard drives or only for the files selected by the user, it also allows cloning of the backups and maybe its only drawback is that it is only available for Windows XP and up to 10.

Cobian Backup

With this program it will be possible to create backup copies not only of computers but also of local networks and FTP servers, it is available for Windows operating systems and the aspect that its users have most valued is how little processor and storage capacity it needs to runso it will work in the background and without significantly affecting the performance of the computer.

This program can be downloaded directly from its website, being ready to work on the user’s computer, executing copies on a scheduled basis, compressing in ZIP and even with security keys so that no one else has access.


This platform is somewhat different from the previous ones since it works with open source code, which allows backup copies to be stored in an encrypted manner, adding greater security. Also, is compatible with any operating system so it can be used on Mac, Windows or Linux computers.

Although its only weak point is that it hasn’t received an update for a long time, its interface is quite intuitive and guides the user through each phase of the process, making it very practical and simple for anyone regardless of their expertise with technology.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

This is another program backup which has been highly valued on the internet, allows basic but crucial activities to be carried out, such as scheduling backup copies from time to time, complete copies or individual files, as well as downloading them.

Likewise, if the situation arises in which the system fails and crashes, it can be restored without having to reinstall it, returning to normal operation. Although it is a fairly complete option on the market, perhaps its drawbacks are that some of its tools are in paid versions and its configuration options are somewhat limited compared to other proposals.


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