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With these 5 applications you can create “deep fakes” of photos and videos

It is known as deep fakes to videos and photos with quasi-perfect ensembles where the face of one person is combined with the body of another; or when two faces are merged into one. This technology, which is fed by an automatic learning system and an important set of data, allows generating all kinds of realistic results.


Here are some applications that allow you to create this type of content in just a few steps. They are options that seek to offer a tool that can be very entertaining.



Reface, which was previously called Doublicat, allows you to crop photos and videos to unleash your imagination. One of the most outstanding features is that allows you to swap faces or put the user’s image in different clips. You can combine faces, create memes and add filters.

It has a wide variety of content and options. In this app, as in all of its kind, the user must enable access to the camera so that the system registers the factions and manages to merge their image in some of the content offered. It is possible to generate video or GIF files that can be shared through WhatsApp, Telegram and many other platforms. It is available for iOS and Android.


2. Wombo

Wombo is an application based on artificial intelligence that allows give movements to the selfies. Simply upload an image of the face or take a photo on the spot, from the app, and then the system processes the content to offer, in a few seconds, a small animated video where the user is seen singing.

AI algorithm transforms static photos into fast and expressive videos. Results may vary depending on image uploaded. It is important to properly frame the face or portrait face before pressing the button for content processing to begin. It can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone mobiles.


3.Deep Nostalgia

The Deep Nostalgia platform within the site MyHeritage allows you to animate photos. In this case, it is not possible to make the images sing, but simply make them move their faces from one side to the other, as well as wink. The tool is designed for old photos, because it has an algorithm that allows you to optimize the quality of these images.

The Deep Nostalgia feature uses various model videos to animate faces. Each model video consists of a fixed sequence of movements and gestures. The model clip guides the movements in the animation so that you can see the faces of ancestors turn their heads, blink and smile, as explained on the official page. To try this tool you have to enter the website mentioned here.

4. FacePlay

There are a variety of short video templates to change the face of the clip in just one touch. The first step is to let the system scan your face and then you have to select the video you want to star in. The rest of the work is in the hands of artificial intelligence that allows you to create a video with a changed face in a few seconds. It is available for iOS and Android.


This photo and video editor allows you to swap faces to put yourself in the shoes of characters and celebrities. It is possible to background, manually and use the built-in templates. The fusions are very well achieved, very realistic images are obtained. The user can add changes or edits to make the finishing touches. The application also allows you to change gender and incorporate other types of filters. It is available on Android.

There are different machine learning systems to carry out this type of project. The most used and the one that became best known linked to deep fakes are generative adversarial networks (GANs).

These are two neural networks that compete with each other to achieve an increasingly realistic result. There is a network that is the generator and produces images; and another network that is the discriminated one and is in charge of guessing, when seeing those images, if they are real (because they come from the training dataset) or if they are false (produced by the generator). This competition between the networks allows you to optimize the result and achieve increasingly realistic images or videos.


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