Winter Movies: Here are the hottest film premieres this winter

What to watch in winter? We present the hottest film premieres. There will be plenty of interesting news in the coming months. When we’re not in the cinema, we’ll be watching Netflix movies on the couch. Among the upcoming premieres, there will be new “Scream” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. There will also be extreme “Titane”, the story of Spider-Man’s opponent “Morbius”, and an adaptation of the popular game “Uncharted”.

This winter, you will be warmed by the movie premieres. Netflix’s movie showtimes and trailers abound with interesting premieres that should not be missed. There will be plenty of titles for blockbuster fans and fans of more ambitious cinema. Finally, the latest production signed by Paul Thomas Anderson is about to debut, followed shortly by the Palme d’Or in Cannes – “Titane”. After the emotions provided by them, you will rest at “Scream” or the adaptation of the cult video game “Uncharted”.


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Films for winter – the hottest film premieres of the coming months

Don’t look up

To encourage you to watch this movie, it would be enough to mention the names of several stars in it – Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill – and its director – Adam McKay (“Big Short”, “Vice”). Let us add, however, that this is a very brilliant science fiction comedy in which the absurd is intertwined with reality. You will laugh and cry for the condition of modern man.

Premiere on Netflix: December 24.

Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza – trailer – premiereEach subsequent film by Paul Thomas Anderson is a true event. The director has an established position in Hollywood and the following titles in his output confirm why. In “Licorice Pizza”, he takes us to the times of free love and tells the story of a puppy infatuation with adolescents. There will be something to look at and think about.

Premiere in theaters: December 31.

King’s Man: First Mission

The premiere of this film has already been postponed several times due to the pandemic. The Kingsman prequel will finally hit theaters in theaters. Matthew Vaughn takes us back in time this time. The worst tyrants in history conspire, and only the Duke of Oxford can prevent them from carrying out his plan to plunge humanity into chaos. Everything that you will see here is dressed in the spy-cinema aburdas and evergreens that we already know from the series.

Premiere in theaters: January 5.

How I fell in love with a gangster

Poles fell in love with “How I Became a Gangster. A True Story”. Now it’s time for a sequel. Maciej Kawulski, the director of the first film, is responsible for it. This time he tells the story of Nikodem “Nikos” Skotarczak, who is determined to earn some money from the illegal trade in cars imported from Germany.

Premiere on Netflix: January 5.


I know the phrase “hard driving” sounds like the threadbare cliché used by a lazy reviewer. Julia Ducournau’s latest film cannot be described in other words. The director does not spare us. Transgender, transhumanism, mechanophilia – you will find it all in “Titane”. There is no shortage of car sex, lubricant flowing from the abdomen of the protagonist and brutal murders. The production is kept in the spirit of the French extreme and provides a really extreme experience.

Premiere in theaters: January 14.


The Scream – trailer – premiere”The Scream” is back. This is the fifth installment of the series in which the fun in slasher is always great. So there will be an iconic murderer, a large dose of self-awareness and well-known heroes. The question is, will Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett keep pace with Wes Craven?

Premiere in theaters: January 14.

A game of fortune

Guy Ritchie recently served us a very balanced film. In “The Game of Fortunes”, however, he returns to the style for which we fell in love with him with “Snatch”. An MI6 agent is recruited into an international intelligence group and must stop selling lethal weapons. Will he succeed? I suppose so, and in the meantime, Jason Statham will kick a lot of ass and Hugh Grant will make us laugh.

Premiere in theaters: January 21.



Michał Koterski in an unusual and very demanding role. It is he who plays the title character, thanks to whom the Polish People’s Republic was a country
“flowing milk and honey”. So the film will be a nostalgic return to the past with bitter conclusions.

Premiere in theaters: January 21.


After two parts of “Venom,” Sony’s spider universe grows larger. This time we will learn the story of Morbius – a scientist who finds a way to cure himself of a rare blood disease. However, it will cost him a lot.

Premiere in theaters: January 28.

Nightmares alley

Guillermo del Toro needs no introduction to any cinema fan. The creator of “Pan’s Labyrinth” takes us this time to a dark, noir world. As the director himself confirmed, there will be no supernatural plots here. So don’t expect fantastic creatures. However, we will not run out of emotions. The captivating plot and stuffy atmosphere will provide them with them.

Premiere in theaters: January 28.


Michael Keaton will play Batman in “Batgirl”. The era of superhero returns has officially begun


Moonfall – trailer – premier Roland Emmerich knows catastrophe cinema like no other Hollywood filmmaker. This time it tells about the Moon that left its orbit and is now flying straight towards the Earth. A group of astronomers will try to stop the catastrophe. It will not be an easy task, but knowing the director’s other films, I am sure it will be spectacular.

Premiere in theaters: February 4.

Death on the Nile

Kenneth Branagh switched from Shakespeare’s work to Agatha Christie’s books. He’s already done Murder on the Orient Express, and now it’s time for Death on the Nile. We will see the director again in the role of Hercule Poirot, who this time will have to solve the murder of a young millionaire.

Premiere in theaters: February 11.


Will it be a good video game adaptation? May, because the expectations are enormous. The trailer promises great fun, and we have also known for some time that Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg will provide us with it. There is going to be a lot going on here, and everything seems to be in the spirit of the New Adventure Cinema.

Premiere in theaters: February 11.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – trailer – premiereNew opening of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. After the not-so-successful prequel “Leatherface”, fans of the series hope to be back on track. However, will it be possible to save the legacy of the cult film by Tobe Hooper after so many compromises? We expect it to be bloody for sure.

Premiere on Netflix: February 18.

Other people

Polish cinema will introduce us to the spring atmosphere. “Other People” is an adaptation of Dorota Masłowska’s prose. It is a story about a group of young people who seek an escape from reality in drugs and antidepressants. Sounds sad? Well, the conclusions from the movie will not be happy.

Premiere in theaters: March 18.


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Films for winter – many premieres in cinemas and on Netflix

As you can see, we will have to spend most of the wintertime in theaters and watching Netflix. In the coming months, there will be no shortage of premieres that will warm us up on frosty days. These premieres should not be missed by any self-respecting cinema fan. And we can expect more to come. We will certainly not run out of films.

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