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Windows 11 release date, windows 11 wallpaper

Prior to the scheduled Windows event on June 24, Windows 11 is now popular on the Internet. The chances of getting Microsoft’s latest OS are very high because the leaks are getting stronger day after day. Recently some screenshots of Windows 11 were leaked by a Chinese website Baidu that went viral on the internet. The trusted sources and the experts are also pointing to the release of Windows 11. In addition to these screenshots, you can now access Windows 11 wallpapers. If you are interested in high-quality wallpapers, you can download Windows 11 wallpapers.

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Image Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Windows 11 Details

At Windows 10 launch event, Microsoft announced that it would the last update and they will not launch Windows 11. The company improved Windows 10 with some minor updates. Since then, all Windows 10 users have been using the same design that hasn’t changed over the years. As the technology keeps on growing, users can’t stick to the same Windows for a long time. Windows lags behind this competition as Apple and Google improve their operating systems every year.



Microsoft Windows 11 release date, new features, leaks, and much more

The leaks and rumors suggest that Microsoft finally heard what its fans have been asking for years. Microsoft is planning to release Windows 11 soon in a coming Windows event. Well, these are only rumors for now, but once you get this leak from a trusted source, you can expect all the leaks to be true. Microsoft has not yet announced the Windows 11 release date.

Windows 11 Wallpapers

Windows always come out with colorful and eye-catchy wallpapers. The Windows 10 also has a lot of wallpapers. Windows 11 wallpapers include 16 themed wallpapers, 6 lock screen wallpapers, and 2 new wallpapers. This looks beautiful with a stunning blue aesthetic wallpaper. Take a look at the example below to download.

windows 11 wallpaper free, Windows 11 download, windows 11 release date
Image Credit: Microsoft
Free desktop wallpapers, Windows 11 hd wallpapers
Image credit: Microsoft

How to download Windows 11 Wallpapers

As you know, Windows 11 hasn’t been officially released yet. These leaked wallpapers are unofficial. But it doesn’t matter, because you can try new wallpapers. Additional Windows 11 wallpapers will also be released after the official announcement in Windows event on June 24, if available for the operating system. There are currently two Windows 11 default wallpapers with the same design, but there is a light version and a dark version. The resolution of the wallpapers is 3840 x 2400. You can download Windows 11 wallpapers in high-quality from the link below.

Download Windows 11 wallpapers (High Quality)

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