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Windows 11: This configuration allows you to improve the performance of video games

Windows 11. (photo: Guiding Tech)

Despite all the new Windows 11, microsoft found that some virtual content features can negatively affect users. video game. Therefore, he left instructions for all players improve the performance of your teams. Of course, as they warn, it is at the own risk of each one of them.

What is the reason that Microsoft warns gamers? Apparently users would disable some security features to improve gaming performance pc. Therefore, even if you see a clear improvement in your enjoyment of titles, you may still be exposed to various threats on the Internet.

Therefore, Microsoft recommends that you Please re-enable this feature on your computer after a gaming session. In this way, you can take advantage of the increased performance without compromising the life of a computer. If you want to complete the process, you just have to follow the steps that will be shown below.

So you can get more power out of your Windows 11 computer

“Gamers who want to prioritize performance have the option to turn these features off while playing, and turn them back on when they’re done.” In this way he presents microsoft these configurations with which you can take more advantage of the configuration of the PC.

To do this, the company teaches how to change modify the Memory Integrity and the Windows 11 Virtual Machine Platform. Both of these features must be changed before the user can fully enjoy gaming, depending on their hardware, of course.

– To disable Memory Integrity, go to the menu Start and write “Core Isolation” in the search bar.

– The application will open windows security. Inside, you can see the function memory integrity.

– Now you have to deactivate This function. Of course, TechMarkup emphasizes that if you want to keep the computer or laptop well protected, it is necessary to reactivate it after playing.

Disable the Memory Integrity option.  (photo: Microsoft Community)
Disable the Memory Integrity option. (photo: Microsoft Community)

Clever. The first step is done. Now it only remains to disable the Windows 11 Virtual Machine Platform.

– In the search bar, write “Turn Windows features on or off”. Open the relevant option.

– Scroll through the viewport and search virtual machine platform. Uncheck the box to disable it.

– tap on OK to save changes. For them to finish applying, it is recommended to restart the computer.

Now you can play all the titles you want. According to Microsoft, this should significantly improve the performance of Windows 11. Once again, always keep in mind the company’s own recommendation: re-enable any settings disabled in this guide to ensure the security of the computer.

Windows 11 virtual machine platform. (photo: MuyComputer)
Windows 11 virtual machine platform. (photo: MuyComputer)

The new Windows 11 update will have widget improvements

Released in the developer channel with Windows 11 version 25201, Microsoft enabled a enlarged view of the widget panel that covers the entire screen. In this way, you can see more of the widgets at once or more news.

You can switch to the enlarged view or back to the normal view by touching the icon in the upper right corner of the widget panel. Microsoft has also redesigned the widget panel with a new navigation bar that can appear at the top or left of the widget panel.

What's new for the new Windows 11 update. (Photo: Microsoft Blog)
What’s new for the new Windows 11 update. (Photo: Microsoft Blog)

This navigation bar contains a number of buttons for viewing different types of content, as well as the usual buttons for adding new widgets and changing your profile picture for widget settings.

To read 8 more news that will bring the new Windows 11 update, we must not stop entering this link to read the complete note that TechMarkup made a few days ago.

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