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Windows 11: these are the commands to have the famous special characters

When writing an assignment, a work report, a summary, or even commenting on something on social media, it is sometimes necessary to use special characters that can make more than one suffer if you do not know how to make them appear in your windows 11


For those who are not used to Microsoft’s new operating system and for whatever reason need to use the diatric marks more common in certain languages ​​than in others, can make them appear with some simple commands.

With the touch keyboard

One of the Easier ways to add diacritics to a document or platform is by enabling the touch keyboard, which appears automatically if you are using a Windows tablet or the PC in tablet mode. In case you do not have a touch screen, you can use the keyboard icon that appears on the right side, next to the task bar. It can be made to appear by following these steps:


– Click the search icon on the toolbar and search for “touch keyboard”. Or go to Settings > Time & language > Typing > Touch keyboard.

– Check Show touch keyboard when no keyboard is connected.


From now on, every time you want to use a special character, you just have to click the touch keyboard icon which is usually located on the right side of the taskbar.

Once it has been made to appear, you have to keep the button on the letter you want to use pressed for a few seconds so that the additional keys that will show the characters appear.

in case you want add a emoji or a GIF the emoji button, represented by a heart in the top left, is clickable.

Using the emoji keyboard


From Windows 10 it is possible to appear the emoji keyboard by pressing Windows and . (dot) at the same time. In this case, you must do the same command and then add the special characters.

Once the emoji keyboard has been made to appear, click on the symbols tab at the top (the fourth option from the left). To see the available characters, scroll down until you find the one you want. Various types of characters can also be skipped using the “overall punctuation” or “currency symbols” categories.

With character map

Another way is through the character map, a somewhat old method that is still available in a more polished version, although more complicated than using the touch keyboard.

In this case, select the search icon on the taskbar, type “character” in the search field, and select the Character Map application.

After that, a popup map showing special characters for a specific source. You can change the font by clicking on the font dropdown located at the top.

then it click letters or special characters that you want to use in the document, you must press “Select” so that they appear in the field of characters to copy.

Yet another way is by adding a language, so that certain symbols like “ç” appear. To do this, go to Settings > Time and language > Language and region, then go to preferred languages ​​and select the ones you need.

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